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MIXED PICKLES is Philadelphia's vintage dance company. We research, perform and teach American dances from the colonial period all the way up through the 1940s. Our name reflects the dual nature of dance history, as something that is both educational and delightfully entertaining at the same time. It also refers to the kaleidoscope of cultures and classes that have influenced the way that Americans dance; influences that came from the French, English, Irish, Black and Latino; drawing from the elegant ballroom as well as the rowdy dancehall.

MIXED PICKLES' carefully researched dances, charming period costumes and
attention to appropriate manners and etiquette all combine to create a
fascinating living picture of the story of
America's social life.

Take a tour of MIXED PICKLES and step back in time with us.

Exactly what is Vintage Dance? To find out
read the Vintage Dance FAQ, and refer to our Vintage Dance Timeline.
Want to know how to behave in ballroom in 1902? Peruse today's Vintage Etiquette Tip.
Stop by and meet MIXED PICKLES' Artistic Director, Bob Skiba, or take a look
at this month's Vintage Choreography. Of course, we'd love you to sign our Guestbook.
New!You'll enjoy MIXED PICKLES' collection of Dance Cards,
and researchers will be interested in our Bibliography of dance manuals.
Finally, here is a schedule of upcoming MIXED PICKLES' Events and Classes.

   For more information please contact:


   Bob Skiba, Artistic Director
   Ruth Parker, Executive Director
   347 Harrison Ave.
   Elkins Park, PA 19027

  • Lectures - for schools, dance studios, musical groups.
  • Workshops - for professional and amateur dancers.
  • Classes - Check our calendar for classes offered.
  • Festivals - City, town or statewide events.
  • Historic Sites - Dancing brings any historical period to life!
  • Private Functions - Clubs, historical groups, re-enactments.

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