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Vintage Choreography 1899


[1899 Couple]

Danced to Polka time, two beats in a measure.
Partners stand side by side and facing the same way. The Gentleman
takes his partner's left hand in his right, their arms a little raised.
The lady starts with the right foot, the gentleman with the left.

The directions are given for the lady.
Gentlemen will substitute "Left" for "Right."

Slide forward on right foot (1).
Bring hollow of left foot to heel of right,
and change weight to left foot (1).

Leap forward on right foot (2).
Hop on the right foot at the same time crossing the left foot, raised,
over the right in front, with the toes pointed downward(3).

Hop again on the right foot, turn half round (lady to left, gentleman to right),
change hands and bring the left foot, raised, to third position behind the right.

Repeat the above, moving now in the opposite
direction from that in which the start was made.

At the end of the fourth measure (eight counts), take waltz position
and dance the polka for four measures, alternating thus throughout the dance.

from "Dancing," by Marguerite Wilson, 1899, pp. 119-120.

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