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The Millenium in Brazil

One of the beaches we stayed at, where turtles lay their eggs. We missed the hatching unfortunately as the eggs hatched late. The 'Bay of Dolphins' in the background is where we saw 2 dolphins from a boat, an adult and a baby dolphin

Recife beach, 2am New Year's Day, 1st January 2000

A beautiful deserted beach near Pipa, 3 hours North of Recife

Sunset at the saltwater lagoon of Tibau. The boat in the picture is "Extra Terrestre" and ferries people for free across the entrance to the lagoon. Beyond are miles of sand dunes.

A deserted beach in the middle of the afternoon north of Pipa

One of the local birds on it's nest

A very noisy type of monkey in the trees

A beach on the edge of Tibau

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