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Glastonbury 98, Reading 98 and Greenbelt 98

Christ this joint is strong thinks Bunny

Trev not looking happy at the mud (it doesn't colour-coordinate with his pink hair)

Glastonbury toilets....mmmm nice

Someone's had enough of the mud

If you can't read it says "hmm....Glastonbury is Crap. Worse than your Mum"

Much fun was had by all on my pink inflatable sofa. Hi Alison, how's the bush?

Mudfights were entertaining to watch

More mud

How not to light a gas stove number 354

The flames were 10-15ft high a couple of minutes before I managed to find my camera. Most of the campsite could see.

The culprit - Alex (spot the singed eyebrows) at Reading 98

Zeb with the flashing blue hat playing bunnies at Greenbelt 98

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