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ROB ZOMBIE Mtv 120mins/videos+interview 1998 20min MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Mtv Sports and Music Fest/Memphis,Tennesee(Dragula and Living dead girl live) 1998 10mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Mtv Fanatic/interview with fan 1998 10mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Detroit,Michigan 1998 60mins AUD EX
ROB ZOMBIE Philadelphia,Pennsylvania 1998 90mins AUD EX
ROB ZOMBIE San Jose State Event Center/San Jose,California 1998 90mins AUD EX
ROB ZOMBIE Much Music spotlight/promo videos+interviews 1999 25mins TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE special guest on VH1 The List 1999 20mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Tacoma,Washington 4/9/99 65mins AUD/2CAM EX+
ROB ZOMBIE David Letterman Show/Dragula live 1999 5mins TV/PRO EX-
ROB ZOMBIE Mtv Merry Mayhem Tour Special/Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque,New Mexico 11/1/01 20mins TV/PRO EX
ROB ZOMBIE HSBC Arena/Buffalo,New York Merry Mayhem Tour 12/16/02 45mins AUD EX-
ROB ZOMBIE Pepsi Arena/Albany,New York Merry Mayhem Tour 12/18/01 45mins AUD EX
ROB ZOMBIE Mtv Cribs/inside Rob Zombie's home 1/23/02 10mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE VH1 Being Rob Zombie/day in the life+interviews 4/15/02 25mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Andy Dick Show/Zombie cousin skit 5/11/02 5mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE New York City,New York 7/18/02 85mins AUD EX
ROB ZOMBIE Late Show with Craig Killborn 4/9/03 15mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE The New Tom Green Show 7/15/03 10mins TV/PRO EX
ROB ZOMBIE Jimmy Kimmel Live/interview w Rob Zombie 8/7/03 20mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Demonoid Phenomenon promo 2003 5mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Late Show with Carson Daily/interview with Rob Zombie 7/23/05 15mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Chris Angel Mindfreak/Rob Zombie special quest 2005 30mins MAS/TV EX+
ROB ZOMBIE Tonight Show With Jay Leno/American Witch live 3/17/06 5mins MAS/TV EX+


ROB ZOMBIE Past,Present&Future DVD/promo videos(Thunder Kiss 65,More Human Than Human,Dragula,Living Dead Girl,Superbeast,Never Gonna Stop,Feel So Numb,Demenoid Phenomenon,Return Of The Phantom Stranger,Spookshow Baby)2003 60mins MAS/DVD EX+


WHITE ZOMBIE Cincinatti,Ohio+interview 1992 35mins PRO/2CAM VG+
WHITE ZOMBIE The Palace/San Fransisco,California 6/29/93 30mins AUD VG+
WHITE ZOMBIE Mtv Haunted House Party w Primus/live+interviews 1993 25mins TV/PRO EX
WHITE ZOMBIE Norwalk,CT 1993 60mins AUD EX
WHITE ZOMBIE Oklahoma City,Oklahoma 1993 60mins AUD VG-
WHITE ZOMBIE Bizzare Fest/Koln,Germany 8/19/95 25mins TV/PRO EX+
WHITE ZOMBIE Peoria,Illinois 5/16/95 75mins AUD EX
WHITE ZOMBIE David Letterman Show/More Human Than Human live 1995 5mins TV/PRO VG+
WHITE ZOMBIE Much Music Canadien tv special/interview w Rob Zombie and Jay Noel Yuenger 1995 10mins TV/PRO EX-
WHITE ZOMBIE San Jose,California 1995 70mins AUD GD
WHITE ZOMBIE Rio de Janero,Brazil 1996 60mins PRO VG
WHITE ZOMBIE Much Music Spotlight/promo videos,interviews+live tv appearances 1992-2000 50mins TV/PRO EX
WHITE ZOMBIE Compilation/live,interviews+promo videos 1992-2000 100mins TV/PRO VG/EX