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RAZOR Toronto,Canada 5/19/88 40mins AUD VG
RAZOR Cleveland,Ohio 8/17/90 45mins AUD EX+
RAZOR Sherbrooke,Quebec 9/8/90 45mins AUD EX
RAZOR Hensall,Ontario 5/26/1990 67mins AUD/DVD EX
RAZOR Opera House/Toronto,Ontario Shotgun Tour 1991 55mins AUD EX
RAZOR promo videos(Evil Invaders,American Luck,Sucker For Punishment)+interview w Bob Reid 1985-91 15mins TV/PRO EX
RAZOR Croation Hall/Timmins,Canada 8/2/92 48mins AUD/DVD EX+


S.F.H Full Moon Boogie Bash 1986 40mins AUD EX
S.F.H London,Ontario/Outdoor Bash 1987 35mins AUD EX
S.F.H Electric Banana/London,Ontario 6/93 60mins AUD EX
S.F.H Electric Banana/London,Ontario 7/93 60mins AUD EX
S.F.H Much Music Power 30/promo videos+interviews w ex Razor vocalist 1993 10mins TV EX+
S.F.H Princess Theater/Sault Ste Marie,Ontario 9/30/94 60mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Uncut Promo Reel/Wicked Man,Dancin Dead Bones,Morning Suicide,I Like To Rest,live+interviews 1994 30mins PRO EX
S.F.H Too Much For Too Much/interview+Q/A w Bob Reid over controversial Morning Suicide promo 1994 20mins TV/PRO VG+
S.F.H Bob Reid and Rich Ousterbosch interview 1994 15mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy/London,Ontario 2/94 60mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy/London,Ontario 4/94 20mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Gasworks/Toronto,Ontario 6/94 80mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Inside The Princess/Princess Theater,Sault Ste Marie 5/13/95 75mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy/London,Ontario 6/95 30mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy Hotel/London,Ontario 1995 60mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Western Fairgounds/London,Ontario 10/95 25mins AUD EX+
S.F.H The Vault/London,Ontario(Canada Day)1995 45mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Live in Lambeth 1996 120mins AUD EX+
S.F.H London,Ontario 1996 80mins AUD EX
S.F.H Embassy Hotel/London,Ontario 9/3/96 60mins AUD EX+
S.F.H Embassy/London,Ontario FM96 Got Ya Covered CD Release Party 1996 110mins AUD EX+