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About Me

Hello, my name is Laura. I started A Marvin the Martian Homepage as a small experiment in 1997 shortly after my family got the Internet. I knew almost immediately that I wanted to start a Web site, and it did not take me long to figure out what I wanted my site to be about. As I'm sure you can guess, I'm quite the Marvin the Martian fan. I am proud to say that my site was one of the first Marvin the Martian sites in existence.

I have been collecting Marvin the Martian memorabilia for over ten year now, and I still get that same thrill when I find something with Marvin on it that I don't have. I've come to acquire quite an extensive collection of over 400 Marvin the Martian items. My collection contains almost anything you could possibly think of, ranging from a piece of Marvin confetti to a 5 1/2 foot cardboard standup. People think I'm obsessed, but I'm really not...I swear. It all just started as a small, innocent collection when I was about ten years old.

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