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Family News

Summer, 1999

Two Sections: Klein Family News and Briggs Family News

Klein Family News

We were unable to attend either of the weddings this summer. Mike and Michelle were married on June 18, and Dave and Erin were married on July 31. Both are sons of my brother Jake and his wife Linda.

We teased my brother Jake. Three of my brothers were married the summer that he and Lina were married. Since Jake has another son, we were wondering whether there would be three weddings in his family this summer.

Jake assured us that he had no intention of carrying on that tradition.

My sister Jeanette wrote a summary of Mike and Michelle's wedding for us.

Mike & Michelle
Mike and Michelle
Photographer Unknown
First, Mike and Michelle's wedding on June 18th...

It was a beautiful evening.

We went for the wedding and then we went to Stillwater to ride on a Paddle boat for the reception. I think we pulled away from the dock around 9 pm and returned about 12.

We relaxed and cruised along. There was a buffet and head table on the maindeck and then there was more seating up on the second level. We just went down and helped ourselves. You could walk around outside on the deck on both levels. . . . front and back. You could sit out there too.

It was very enjoyable and something none of us had ever done before. Even Mom and Dad had a fun time. I am sure they were tired when they got back to their home the next day. It was a long weekend for them. It was so special of them to make the trip and allow Mike and Michelle and David and Erin to have them pictured in their wedding albums. It will be a special treasure for them.

Dave and Erin's wedding was on July 31st.

(Written by Jeanette, also.)
So, I didn't give you very much information on Dave and Erin's wedding. Well, it was very beautiful.

Mom, Dad, and George came down to the cities. We got them to the church in time for pictures. We had lots of fun.

They rode in a horse drawn carriage. It was really neat. The reception was buffet style and very good. Then they also had a band to play for the dance. What fun. Erin's father played and sang in the band.

It was so good to have had the shower here so we could get to know some of the close relatives before the wedding.

Ellie Jeanette and Ellie
Ruth and Julie

Brenda and Jane, two daughters of my sister Dottie graduated with engineering degrees this summer -- one industrial and one civil engineering.

Briggs Family News

On June 15th, my mother-in-law, Mae Briggs, passed away after an illness of only a few days. She lived in her own home although she had a caregiver living with her.
Mae at age 100

All these pictures were taken by one of Mae's two daughters, Marie Dooley or Margaret Durbin.
Above: Here is Mae is on her 100th birthday. She is pictured with her grand-daughter, Teresa.

Mae and Drake Right: A four-generation group in the background while Marie Dooley cuts the cake at the 95th birthday party. Les, Teresa, Mae, and Drake in the background.
Cutting Cake 95 years

Above: Mae with her great-grandson, Drake. Taken on her 100th birthday. Drake is holding his pet guinea pig.
Les, Mae, and Marie Left: Les, Mae, and Marie pose for a picture before dinner.

Right: Amber, D'Anna's oldest daughter looks up from her project. Amber
D'Anna Left: D'Anna, Les's youngest daughter, holds Christine while Rachel poses in front.
R.L. Teresa & Mae Left: Teresa, Les's oldest daughter, with Mae on her 98th birthday.
Above: R.L. (Marie's husband) rests after a big birthday dinner party.

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