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When looking over the list of Cagle's in the Civil War,

please keep in mind the following points:

1. This information was taken from a variety of sources including on-line Civil War rosters and genealogy sites, Cagle family researchers, various books listing Civil War muster rolls. We have made every attempt to check for errors in the information included on the list. If you find any errors, please e-mail corrections to us at the address shown below. Please include documentation as to your source of the corrected information.
2. If you have additions to the information on the list or information on individuals who should be added to the list, send it along with documentation of the source to the E-mail address shown below. Although we would like to post as much data as possible, we ask that you limit submissions to information on the individual's Civil War service. In addition, we will post the individual's date of birth and date of death.
3. Multiple listings under the same name, but different units, states or even armies may, in fact, be the same person. When we receive verifiable information that they are the same person, we will list it under comments.
4. It is possible that individuals served in both the CSA and the USA. Soldiers did change allegiance.
5. Any other questions or comments can be directed to us at our e-mail address.

EMAIL: Civil War Cagle