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GC, NW, BW Cabincoon Dakota (Koti)
Red Classic Tabby with White
DOB: September 1, 2000

From the day Koti was born we knew he was going to be a special cat and to this day he ceases to prove us wrong.  Koti is a very heavy boned cat with an enormous head and huge boxy muzzle and chin.  His color is the deepest mahogany red we have seen in our years of breeding Maine Coons and he is of course our pride and joy.  With his giant "pumpkin" headbutts and purrs, he has managed to capture all of our hearts.  As of May 2008 Koti was retired and in his glory sleeping in bed with us, under the covers, wrapped in our arms with his head on our pillows, and getting hundreds of kisses. He sure is our Special Son!

2001-2002 CFA Show Season as a Grand Champion
* One Show Grand Champion at 8 months old
* Best Maine Coon - Region #1
* 2nd Best All Breed Cat - Region #1
* Best Maine Coon Cat - Nationally
* 10th Best All Breed Cat - Nationally

2000-2001 CFA Show Season as a Kitten
* Best Maine Coon Kitten - Region #1
* 14th Best All Breed Kitten - Region #1
* 4th Best Maine Coon Kitten Nationally

Pictured above on the April 2003 CFA Almanac.

Koti at 10 years old and still as handsome as ever


Grand Champion Coonalley Stetson of Cabincoon
Silver Mackerel with White
DOB: August 25, 2009
Sire: GC Cabincoon Wild Bill Haycock
Dam: Coonalley Moondance

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