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This fitting form is disabled.

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To go to my new "Club Fitting" form.

About Your Golf Game

     Do Not include the roll in these next answers..

Distance of average drive?  Yards
With which club?..
Driver    3 Wood     Other

What is the average yards of a shot hit with your...
5 iron...    7 iron...

9 iron...    SW...

The club used for a 150 yard shot?...

The last 6 months my handicap has..

What's your average 9 hole score?..

How long have you played?..

How many rounds do you play per week?..

What is the flight path of the ball hit with your....

Ball Flight

Driver...    Woods...

Irons (1-4)...   Irons (5-8)

Irons (9-LW)...

What is the trajectory of your ball hit with...
Your Woods    Average   Low   High
Your Irons    Average   Low   High

Which part of the club face do you tend to hit?
Center   Toe   Heel   Don't Know

What best describes your swing tempo?
Quick-Fast    Normal    Slow-Smooth  

What would you like to improve



Workability or Foregivness
     I use these answers to determine your club head "Playability Factor". As shown...If you want workability from a particular club head, you will "Not" have forgiveness and vice-versa, so be sure of your selection.



Ball Flight - Push / Pull
  Irons        Woods

Ball Flight - Slice / Hook
  Irons        Woods

Distance and Consistency
 Irons    Woods

Club head feel during swing?

About Your Current Golf Clubs

My irons feel..

My irons are..

My irons style is..

My iron shaft flex is..

My iron shaft material is..

My driver shaft material..

My wood shaft material..

   In you wish for me to determine if your clubs could be the cause of your ball flight problems, then you "MUST" provide me with the lengths of your 3 wood and 5 iron. Otherwise I can only give you the lengths you should be playing.
   There is nothing in the golf industry that states an irons standard length is XX". Manufacturers make them any length they wish and call it standard. So do not put in "standard" as the length of your clubs, take the time to measure them.

To see how to "correctly" measure the length of a golf club...    Click Here..

What are the lengths of your current 3 Wood & 5 Iron
In Inches..

Measuring club Length

3 Wood Length?..    5 Iron Length?..

Length Convertor

Please enter here any special characteristics required in your clubs. (loft, lie, arthritic grips, etc.) Enter any questions, or comments you might have here. Thanks....Tom


If your browser has trouble sending this form, please E-Mail me your phone number and a convenient time to call (EST) and I will be more than happy to call and get your information for the club fitting.



If you would like to have your golf swing analyzed for FREE, please follow the instructions below.

Send me a VCR tape (VHS only) of your swing and if you would like your tape returned please enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope.

•  Use your own driver.

•  One view should be looking straight at you at address.

•  The other view should be from the rear looking down the line of your ball flight.

•  Video tape 5 swings from each view, preferably hitting a ball, but it is not necessary.

•  A close up of you grip at address would also be helpful.

•  Please feel free to make any comments on the video tape of problems you are having with your golf game. I will try to help !!

•  Please include your E-Mail address so I can return the results of you analysis.


Tommy Knocker Golf
9979 US HWY 322
Conneaut Lake, Pa 16316

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to ..Contact Me