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"Local Calls To Police"



Local, non-emergency, calls can be placed to the Decatur Township Police through the Clearfield County Communications Center by dialing (814) 765-1533 or (814) 342-6831. Your call will be handled by a telecommunications operator who will take your information and advise the next available officer to respond. This will usually be the Decatur Township Police, but on occassion you may be contacted by another officer; either Chief Richtscheit of Houtzdale Regional Police, or Chief McGowan of the Chester Hill Borough Police; if the Decatur Twp. Police are busy or otherwise not currently available. This is done to try to assure that everyone gets the fastest possible response to a complaint. In any event, regardless of which of the officers responds to your initial complaint, the Decatur Twp. Police will ultimately handle the matter.

There may also be times when your call is routed to the PA State Police. This would usually occur when for whatever reason none of the aforementioned officers are currently available. The goal is to provide you with the quickest and most efficient service possible.

As with calls placed to 911, you should be prepared to provide the telecommunicators with as much information as possible so they can better determine how best to route your call for maximum efficiency.

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