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Shaqed: (verb, transitive) To be rejected in one's sexual advances in a
                decisive and forthright manner (e.g., "I was Shaqed before I could
                buy her a drink."

                        Business Class: (adj) Possessing a large enought posterior
                                                    to necessitate flight arrangements other than
                                                    coach seating (e.g., "She's got a beautiful
                                                    face, but she's business class.")

Rounder:  (noun) One who has been around and posesses life experience;
                   opposite of square.
                   Wing Man/Winger:  (noun) Teammate who assists in a scoring
Digits: 1.  (noun, plural) Phone number.


"Pull a Fredo"
               Refers to Fredo Corleone "Banging cocktail waitresses two at
               a time" in The Godfather.

"There's the Rub."
          There's the catch or the problem. Borrowed from Hamlet's

"Jedi Mind Shit."
                Refers to Obi-Wan Kenobi's ability to influence the
                weak-minded stormtroopers through the use of the
                Force in Star Wars.

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