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Redclaw Crayfish

Commercial farming of Redclaw Crayfish (Cherax Quadricarinatus), a native to North Queensland, Northern Territory and Papua New Guinea river systems was first trailed in South Queensland in the 1980’s.

The Redclaw species has many biological prerequisites suitable for commercial Aquaculture, particular its ease of reproduction. Breeding activity is stimulated by water temperature with incubation taking approximately 6 to 10 weeks.

Redclaw Farming PondIn the main Redclaw are farmed in earthen ponds with most pond sizes averaging around 1000 square meters. Production levels exceeding 4 tons per hectare have been reported by experienced producers. As Redclaw are not native to South Queensland, farming the species is subject to Department of Primary Industries (DPI) approval. License conditions do require that the species are secured by a solid perimeter fence and that water is secured to prevent escape of the species.

Redclaw FarmingWhile Redclaw have been reported to grow to weights exceeding 500 grams, they are generally marketed at 30 to 100 grams and have a tail meat yeald of approximately 25% of body weight. The product is marketed both locally and overseas with the majority being sold live. Currently demand is far greater than production. The industries inability at this point to produce sufficient volume and consistent supply has resulted in lost overseas marketing opportunities.

DPI Queensland has undertaken considerable research into the farming potential of Redclaw and have extensive information both general and scientific available on request. For further information on this species visit the DPI Web Site or contact one of our committee members.

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