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Born in Hazlewood, Mo. and raised in Indianpolis, IN.
Husband of my lovely wife Michelle and Father of three fantastic boys!
As of 2004 I have accumulated an edition to Our Family.

My wife and 3 boys and I have taken into our home a teenaged girl and a 10 year old boy who lost their (single parent) mother in a car accident.

A year later we have taken into our home an infant from day one, which falls into a long story!



Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is a non-legally, non-sensically binding agreement between you, presumably a citizen of the planet Earth, and My Company. You agree not to do things My Company does not want you to do, unless specified otherwise, or in another language, such as French, but certainly not German, in which case all bets are off and you are free to move about the cabin, except when the captain switches on the No Smoking sign, at which point you must cartwheel back to your seat and resume creating web pages of interest to My Company.

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