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By Alban Berg


VIDEO: A) TELDEC: Franz Grundheber, Waltraud Meier, van Kannen, Barenboim conducting; excellent VHS recording available (for NOW, I believe) only in PAL format; has English subtitles; Teldec 0630-16338-3 [G.R.]

B) Franz Grundheber, Hildegard Behrens, Auge Haugland, Abbado conducting; Vienna, 1989; HOM WOZ 010 (only on laserdisc)

AUDIO: A) ENTERPRISE: Mack Harrell, Eileen Farrell, Mitropoulos conducting; mono

B) TELDEC: AUDIO CD of the VIDEO A cited above; stereo

For Further Reading:

Wozzeck (Opera Guide, No. 42), by Alban Berg

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