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By Giacomo Puccini

VIDEO: $29.99; LCV [Legato] 011: Birgit Nilsson, Cecchele, Georges Pretre conducting, 1969; B & W; Seeing Birgit Nilsson in action in possibly her finest role is a treat; unfortunately, Nilsson's colleagues here are strictly average. [G.R.]

AUDIO: A) EMI: Birgit Nilsson, Franco Corelli, Renata Scotto; Molinari-Pradelli conducting (1965); Stereo

B) ARKADIA & FONIT CETRA & PHONOGRAPHE: Gina Cigna, Francesco Merli, Magda Olivero, Ghione conducting (1937); fair Mono

C-1) DECCA/LONDON: Inge Borkh, Mario del Monaco, Renata Tebldi, Erede conducting (1955); Stereo

C-2) EMI: Maria Callas, Eugenio Fernandi, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Serafin conducting (1957); Mono

C-3) RCA: Birgit Nilsson, Jussi Bjoerling, Renata Tebaldi, Leinsdorf conducting (1959); Stereo

C-4) DECCA/LONDON: Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe, Mehta conducting (1972); Stereo

D) LR (highlights only and not available on CD): Eva Turner, Giovanni Martinelli, Licia Albanese, Barbirolli conducting ("live," Covent Garden, 1937); Mono

For Further Reading:

A most interesting discussion of the aria Nessun Dorma and, by extension, the whole of TURANDOT can be found at Mark D. Lew's Nessun Dorma Page, based on several postings about the aria on the newsgroup.

Puccini's Turandot : The End of the Great Tradition (Princeton Studies in Opera), by William Ashbrook, Harold Powers

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