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By Giuseppe Verdi

VIDEO: Renato Bruson, Ghena Dimitrova, Dimiter Petkov [Italian; no subtitles; Arena di Verona, 1981(!!)--NOT 1987(!!) at La Scala, with the same two principals (Bruson, Dimitrova) in much poorer form(!) and Burchuladze in place of Petkov] HBO 2808 PIO 34092 (LO)

AUDIO: DECCA/LONDON: Tito Gobbi, Elena Suliotis, Gardelli conducting; stereo


For Further Reading:

The Operas of Verdi : From Oberto to Rigoletto (Vol. 1, Revised), by Julian Budden

Encounters with Verdi, by Marcello Conati, Richard Stokes, Julian Budden

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