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By William S. Gilbert/Arthur Sullivan

VIDEO: Saks, Donkin, Baron, Ingram, James, McMillan; Carriere-Stratford Festival Production, 1982; HOM MIK 010 A lively video of a recent production from Toronto featuring striking visuals and an impeccable ensemble; though not literally complete, this may just be the least heavily adapted recording (VIDEO--or AUDIO(!)) to maintain such a consistently satisfying level and to retain so much of Gilbert's sparkling dialogue. [G.R.]

Also good is the old film with Martyn Green (who was incomparable) and the original D'Oyly Carte; more heavily adapted than the above; was available on Home Video as HOM MIK 030; has been withdrawn, but may be back. [G.R.]

AUDIO: A) DECCA/LONDON -- LP only: Martyn Green, Darrell Fancourt, Godfrey conducting; none of the dialogue; mono [G.R.]

B) PEARL: Henry Lytton, Darrell Fancourt, Norris conducting (1927); scratchy transfer; ARABESQUE has also issued excerpts only from this classic recording in mint condition; mono [Gil. & Sul. online discography] again, none of the dialogue [G.R.]

C) DECCA/LONDON: John Reed, Ayldon, Nash conducting; again, none of the dialogue; stereo [G.R.]

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