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Hillsboro Union High School building (more recently known as J. B. Thomas Middle School)
J. B. Thomas Middle School
645 NE Lincoln Street
Construction Date:
Photo Credit:
© 2008 Kherri Klotz-Clements
Historic Significance: This Art Deco style landmark was constructed in 1928 as Hillsboro Union High School and housed Hilhi until the current Rood Bridge Road campus opened in 1969. Since then, it has been the home of J. B. Thomas Middle School.
Alert: Hillsboro School District 1J is proceeding with plans to tear down this building during July of 2009.

In related news, concerned residents of the school district who would like to see the structure saved and adaptively reused for new community purpose(s) have joined together as “Friends of the Old School” (FOTOS) to marshal community support for preserving the historic building and to work toward establishing a dialog with the School District officials. More information may be obtained at

(Please note: This item is included in this “Preservation Alert!” list for community information purposes only. Hillsboro Historical Society's official position on both the J.B. Thomas demolition issue and the formation of FOTOS is neutrality. HHS and FOTOS are not affiliated, connected or working together in any way.)

West side of SE Second Avenue between Main & Washington Streets
SE 2nd Ave. between Main & Washington
Downtown Hillsboro
Construction Date:
circa 1890s-1930s
Photo Credit:
© 2002 Matthew Andersen
Historic Significance: Due to the concentration of intact historic buildings, this is one of the last remaining areas in downtown Hillsboro where the scale, style and feel of the original commercial center still survives.
Alert: The City of Hillsboro allegedly owns most of this city block and Phase I of its redevelopment, the Civic Center mixed-use project, has been completed. While demolishing the rest of the block, Phase I left this row of historic buildings on SE Second Avenue largely intact (only one of the buildings was torn down). For the time being, the Civic Center complex and the Second Avenue streetscape will co-exist. However, Phase III of the City's redevelopment plan allegedly calls for the entire remaining ensemble of historic buildings along the west side of SE Second Avenue to be leveled to make way for two mixed-use buildings.

Champion Oak Tree
Photo coming soon!
South side of NW Evergreen Road at approximately 258th Avenue
Construction Date:
Photo Credit:
Historic Significance: A large, old oak tree. Do you possess the expertise to help determine the age of this tree? If so, please contact us.
Alert: Unless steps are taken to accomodate it, this tree stands in the path of the future widening of Evergreen Road.

Any advertisements (including pop-ups) are posted by the web host; not by Hillsboro Historical Society.