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HHS Has a New Website! Please Update Your Bookmarks

Please note that this is no longer the *official* website for the Hillsboro Historical Society. The organization's new webmaster has launched a redesigned HHS website at:

So, if you have bookmark(s) and/or oversee any Web pages with links currently referencing this decommissioned Angelfire-hosted site (i.e., any Web address beginning with, kindly make updates and corrections.

It appears that the focus of the new website,, is organizational information regarding the Hillsboro Historical Society and announcements of the group's news and events. Therefore, I am now developing a new website (independent of HHS but, nonetheless, complementary to its work and goals) that will feature local history and historic structures and places in and around Hillsboro. Ultimately, all the content regarding local history and historic Hillsboro structures and places currently located on this retired Angelfire-hosted site will migrate over to my new site. In the meantime, even though this website is no longer attended or updated, I will refrain from deactivating it for archival reasons. As my new site comes online, the Web pages displayed herein will be replaced with links/auto-redirects to the respective information's new location. Then, eventually (after the migration is complete and a suitable transition period has elapsed), this decommissioned Angelfire-hosted website will be shut down.


Posted: 23 Jan 2011

Any advertisements (including pop-ups) are posted by the web host; not by Hillsboro Historical Society.