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From page 65 of Combat Handguns. September 2000. Writen by Mike Boyle.

"Fold & Go

"Like many of you, I've affixed targets to sheets of plywood, cardboard boxes, derelect washing machines and any number of homemade stands. For a variety of reasons, all proved to be less than ideal. Wind often played havoc with these improvised target holders and the more stable solutions could hardley be qualified as portable.

"One fix to this dilemma is the Fold & Go Target Stand from Thramer Brothers Manufacturing. Promoted as a "range in a box," the Fold & Go stand can be set up without tools in a matter of seconds. The legs of the stand unfold to a tripod configuration and, when locked in place, are stable enough in rough terrain. targets are attached to the frame via a set of suplied clips. When finished shooting, the stand can be quickly folded up and easily fit into the trunk of a subcompact automobile.

"I have utilized my Fold & Go Target Stand durring a number of recent gun tests and have come away favorably impressed. The Fold & Go stand can be used for a wide range of shooting applications including plinking, honing defensive skills, or patterning a shotgun. My Fold & Go Stand has even been used for precision rifle shooting as it allows me to place a target anywhere on the range. The Fold & Go Target Stand is covered by a limited lifetime warenty."