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A Range In A Box

Fold & Go - Fold & Go - Fold & Go - Fold & Go - Fold & Go - Fold & Go - Fold & Go

After planning the purchase of your firearm, perhaps investing the time, energy and expense of obtaining training and/or your concealed weapons permit the final leg of the personal safety triangle is to maintain proficiency and familiarity with your firearm. Thramer Brothers mfg. offers you our rugged, simple solution.

Our Stands Are

Light weight - less than 15 lb.

Easy to set up - less than 10 seconds - no tools

Portable - Fold up to a convenient size that will fill into any trunk

A full size stand - Dimentions

Comments about Fold & Go stands

Easily repositioned - No stakes, hammers or heavy weights

Stable on almost any terrain - wide tripod legs

Durable - Sturdy all steel construction with a limited lifetime warranty

Safe - Safety tested to minimize ricochets and spatter

Black powder coat Finnish - Attractive, durable and clean

Reasonably priced - Only $79.00 + $19.00 S&H

Order Form - We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, Checks, Money Order

Note: we can ship up to two stands for one shipping charge.

To get order information

-Law enforcement Agencies - Write us on your letter head for terms

-send an E-Mail to

-send a snail mail to 645 Powers Unit C Eugene, Or 97402

-Fax us at 541-484-4973

-phone us at 541-484-9162

Dealer Inquiries Invited

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