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Richard Nystrom is an American authoralso known as “The Old Philosopher” with his creation of the practical work, Our Universal Mind: Yours and Mine. He’s an old, old man who has been writing some kind of inventive stuff for much of his life; following puberty. Richard is nearing 80 years old.


¨ For about 40 years Richard wrote specifications, manuals and other technical material for the use and repair of electronic instrumentation such as computers.


¨ Along with technical material he wrote short stories for the entertainment of family and friends; and, he wrote two self-syndicated newspaper columnson alcoholism and odd sports.


¨ Since retirement from industry he has written seven published books of nonfiction and fiction; has a manuscript ready for another; and, is working on two more fiction creations.


¨ Born in Grand Forks, ND in 1931 Richard was moved with his family to Oregon when WW II mustered his father’s efforts to build Liberty ships in Portland. He graduated from Salem High School in 1949 to start college at Santa Rosa Junior College; but his education was interrupted by the Korean War. He served with the USAF until ‘55 when he returned to study at the University of Oregon. From the Class of ‘60 he worked in Industry until 1991 to retire and write the books listed within this site (next page).


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Richard S. Nystrom, Sr.

This book has been rewritten and re-titled, 
GOD for this Dummy 
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