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Sunspot cycles / Recessions


Although it may seem like quackery, there is a well known correlation between weather patterns and drought that accompany the 11-year sunspot cycle. As well, human tension, excitability and a sharp economic recession often occurs right at the peak in solar activity. Here is a good page showing the relation between excitability and sunspots:

This chart shows the sunspot cycle since the mid 1950's.
Also note that periods of low solar activity are characterized by relative calm, stability, and economic growth. ( example, early 1960's, 1975-1979, 1984-1989, or 1994-1998)

  • Sunspot peak and recession....1957-1958 (also 1960)
  • Peak and recession............1969-1970
  • Peak and recession............1980 (also 1981-1982)
  • Peak and recession............1990-91
  • Sunspot peak due in 2000-2001, which is when recession will hit, and human tensions and excitability should also be high.

    Many wars tend to accompany these times aslo (eg., 1917 WW I , 1939 WW II, 1968-1970 Vietnam, 1979 Iran war, 1990-1991 Gulf war, 1999-?? Kosovo conflict, then WWIII?).

    To see business cycle charts showing recessionary periods and business cycles, go to: Business Cycle page.


    Chart showing estimated sunspot numbers and peak for year 2000. chart


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