The Saddlin' Station's Writing Contest
April 1st - July 15

I want to thank all of you and your enthusiasm for this recent contest!! I've so far had two stories submitted and a few more people have said that they will try to write one as well! (And I'm going to hold you to it!;) *snicker*) But what I'm most pleased about is the fact that it has been purly for FUN, and that you have freedom to take all the time you need...not to mention wanting to participate in spite of the prizes not being monumental or anything. :o)

So, instead of me rambling, here are the first two story submissions! Enjoy!

How did the riders find out about the Express?

Fool's Aftermath By Gina Harris
(All about Jimmy!)

Opportunity Knocks By Aimee
(How Lou became a Pony Express Rider)

One Bad Day By Mike
(Buck's life makes a drastic change!)

On Equal Terms By Suzy
(Two young men, finding themselves in trouble may have just found the perfect job!)

Where the Day Takes Us By Gizmo
(It was a battle of who's strong-will would win...but was it a decision for the best?)

A Fresh Start By Lyn
Saving the life of a little girl brings about a fresh start for two young men.

The Wager By Carol Pahl
Sometimes making a change in life works out for the best...especially when you get more than you bargained for.

A Step in the Right DirectionBy Beth Goodman
After escaping the clutches of Dobbins, a guilt-ridden Jimmy decides to change his life for the better.

Consequences By Jessica
Lou made drastic job change for the better...but there's always a step to take to get you where you're going.

A New Adventure By Sarah
Cody had his own adventure before getting his job at the Pony Express.

The Contract Stacie-Marie Covington DeShazer
How Lou might have gotten her job with the Express...only this time there's a twist!
(This is a Highlander/Young Rider crossover).

In Search of Fame and Fortune By Vera Burnett-Powell
Cody didn't exactly have his job handed to him on a silver platter...

If you are interested in entering the contest, please read the Rules...or write me if you've got any questions! :)

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