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Prompted Ventures


By Kirsten Page

(Author's note: This story takes place directly after the episode "Bad Company.")

Many tales have been told about the West and the secrets that lie withheld in the vast wilderness. Perhaps much of it is made up, therefore making very little of it true. There is one thing I know, however, and that is that no matter how hard one may try, you cannot match the beauty of God's land with all the kings and palaces in the world. Is that why I came out this way? Yes, Quite possibly. I just know that the sheer force of my curiosity of seeing this open country would have caused me to circle the ends of the earth until I found it. I was blessed, for as it seems, I didn't have to cross the open seas, but merely I had to catch a stage from Boston and let the horses do the work.

"Christine, we're finally there. Can you believe it!?" The girl exclaimed. The stagecoach master had given word that they would be in town shortly. Oh how it would feel so wonderful to stand up and stretch!

When the young Christine did not respond, her sister pushed her journal away in disgust. Christine threw her an angry glare. "Molly, would you quit! You just made me smear my writing."

Molly tossed her curls from her shoulder with one swift motion. "Oh honestly, Chris, I don't know how you write in this jostling coach anyhow."

"No, you wouldn't." Christine replied rather arrogantly. They had been traveling together for days now, never more than five feet apart. It was enough to make anyone irritable.

"Oh Molly," Her sister sighed as she looked out the large open window. "Isn't that the cutest town you've ever seen"?

Molly leaned forward and followed her sister's steadfast gaze. "I don't know, Chris, it looks so........so.......isolated and dusty! We're going to get our dresses all messed up just stepping out onto the street!" She paused, sinking back into her seat with her arms crossed over her chest. "Don't they believe in cobblestone out here"?

Christine laced her arm through her sister's and smiled. "No, that's the point! Oh this is going to be glorious!" She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. West! What a magical word that is to me. She thought to herself. We have finally made it. Christine glanced over noticed that her sister did not seem to be sharing her enthusiasm. "You never now what we might find out here. I know you've always loved a grand adventure."

Molly rolled her eyes. She couldn't help but wonder if she had made a big mistake coming out West with her sister. Yes, she had wanted a change from their life back East, but was this the right choice? She could have married that rich suitor who seemed so infatuated with her.

The more she contemplated that prospect though, the more she realized that marrying him was not what she wanted. "Yes, grand adventure indeed." She mumbled sarcastically. "Sister, you know my idea of a grand adventure is trying to get across the street to the tea shop at four o'clock. I've never been so bold about things as you."

Christine reached for her hat and carefully pinned it on her head in preparation for their arrival. She smiled at her sister mischievously. "Well, then we'll just have to work on getting you to be, won't we"?

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