By Kirsten Page

Copyright 1998

"No! Don't please! I'll do anything, I swear it!" Her cry rang out through the night, but no human soul would hear it. She struggled to free herself from the ropes that tore into her arms.

The two men just laughed as they prepared to take a shot at the man who was tied up and sitting in front of them. "Just let her go!" He screamed. "Tell me what it is you want!"

"We don't want nothing, except to get rid of you two as witnesses." Without a second thought, the dark haired man fired his weapon. The young man that was once strong, fell helplessly on the ground, and never moved again.

The killers turned to their second victim, but she was swift with her foot and spurred the horse that she was sitting on. He took off with lightning speed, and the young girl could hear the sound of fast-paced hoof beats coming up behind her. The darkness was to her advantage and she stopped her horse suddenly, and slid off the saddle....slapping the back of her faithful stallion. "Go on baby." She whispered. "And run like the wind!" Diving into the bushes, she prayed that the men would pass her by.

Tears flooded her eyes and what had just happened, so she tried to talk them away. I must go on! He'd want me to be brave. Oh but why did it have to be you, Joey!? Why!?

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