Chapter Two

By James

The sun was barely peeking out over the horizon, announcing the approaching morning. The riders made their way out of the stables with their mounts, feeling their anxiety grow as they began the journey to Needle Rock. The next couple of days were going to be a jungle of games and surprises. Cody, Lou, and Jimmy were going to be in the most danger throughout the trip. Rachel, ordered them to be especially carefully. If their plan failed, the results would be disastrous.

Rachel watched her express family ride out of sight. She hated the fact that the boys and Lou were always riding off into such danger. God always brought them back safe so far, but Rachel still worried. One day something terrible might happen. Worry-some thoughts continuously plagued her mind. Still, Rachel knew she had to start concentrating on her responsibilities. The replacement riders Teaspoon requested would be there later in the day, and Rachel had to get things in order around the station. Removing any evidence that a girl lived in the bunk house for starters! When Jesse wakes, Rachel had a list additional chores for him to do. As she returned to the house, Rachel said a pray for her adopted family. “Keep them safe, Lord. All of them.”

Parting Ways

The riders stopped a mile from the outskirts of town to say their good-byes. Cody, Jimmy, and Lou would be the only ones entering the town tonight. It was important that they enter quietly. Lou had already changed into Louise, wearing a black riding skirt and blue shirt. The sides of her hair had been pulled back as best she could. Fixing your hair wasn’t any easy task to accomplish out on the plains. Once in town though, Louise planned on taking a hot bath and doing herself up real nice.

Rachel had a beautiful saloon dress from her earlier days that she gave Lou. Together they had worked half the night tucking it in at various places. By the time the ladies had finished, it fit Lou’s slimmer figure perfectly. Her new blue satin dress was beautiful. It was long and flowing, with a low neck line and straps that were meant to cling a few inches below the shoulders. Every inch of the dress from the waist up had black lace over the silky material. Rachel had also given her black lacy gloves and a lacy choker to fit around her delicate neck. The bottom of her dress had lacy trimming wrapped all around it. Lou had looked remarkable in it, and she couldn’t wait for the boys to see her wearing it. Of course, she couldn’t wait to see the boys in the fancy suits they had brought for the show. They were already half way dressed up to fit their new image, but Louise had a feeling they would look incredibly handsome in their new duds.

“Well,” Cody said finally. “I guess we should get going.”

“Remember you three,” Teaspoon began firmly before they could leave. “Be careful.” The old man knew they were playing a dangerous game, and the odds weren’t good. His riders would have to be very careful. In order for their plan to work, the undercover group would have to get messages to the rest of them detailing what’s happening. If one of them got caught doing it, all three would be endanger. “Ride safe,” Teaspoon called as he watched the group ride out to Needle Rock.

“I still don’t like it,” Kid exclaimed suddenly. He hated Lou being so close to danger.

“Son, I know how ya feel,” Teaspoon informed him as he placed a firm hand on Kid’s shoulder. “The boys will take care of her. They’ll take care of each other.” His words did little to soothe Kid, but Teaspoon was certain the boy wouldn’t do anything foolish.

“Let’s make camp,” Buck suggested. The rest of the group agreed with Buck. There was nothing else they could do until tomorrow, and they needed their rest. Tomorrow, they would ride off and enter Needle Rock separately.

When the Innocent Sleep, the Wicked Come Alive

The express trio had been in town for nearly two hours. The young men were already dressed in their nice suits with satin vests. Louise on the other hand was still getting ready. Her companions were growing increasingly impatient. They should have been down in the saloon getting aquatinted with everyone by now. Once Louise entered the room that belonged to Jimmy, the men realized that it was well worth the wait. She was breath taking. The dress was the perfect color for her, and it accented the curves she had. Her auburn hair had been done up nice, with only a few ringlets residing near her face. And the choker made her look very naughty!

“You know Lou,” Cody began while embracing one of her gloved hands. “Kid never really liked you. At least not in the way I have.” Softly he kissed her hand.

“Why Cody,” Lou exclaimed teasingly. “I never knew you to be such a gentleman.”

“He’s not,” Jimmy informed her after shoving Cody to the side. “But I am.” Before Jimmy could prove it, Cody returned his previous favor.

“I believe she’s suppose to be with me,” Cody reminded him playfully. “Your just my hired gun, remember?”

“Don’t you handsome men think we should get going?” Louise questioned finally. Not that she wasn’t enjoying their attention, but they were here for a purpose.

“Yeah,” Jimmy replied in a non-thrilled tone. “No use putting it off.” Before the group left the room they went through their plan so far. Cody was going to join in on a card game, while Jimmy got a drink at the bar. Louise was to circulate the room for a short time before joining Cody. They had to get ‘in’ with the people here. If everything went well, hopefully Cody would meet up with Callahan tonight. Then he would be able to come up with some idea on how to get on the con man’s ‘good side’.

Playing Commenced

The trio been in the saloon for less than twenty minutes. Cody already had himself situated in a poker game, and Jimmy had finally seated himself at the bar. The saloon girls were the only ones that paid him immediate attention. In fact, too much attention in Louise’s opinion. All their drooling over her bunk mate was starting to aggravate her. She wasn’t jealous, not really. Well at least that’s what she tried to sell herself. A part of her was. It was hard to deny the attraction she felt for Jimmy. He was so handsome and sweet too! Finally Louise decided to put an end to the attention he was getting. Unfortunately before Lou could reach Jimmy, a man grabbed her by the arm.

“Excuse me miss,” the well dressed man began confidently. “I must say, you are the loveliest creature I’ve seen all night.”

“Is that so?” Lou asked as friendly as she could muster. She had to keep with her role, but this gentleman made it difficult. It was so cocky. Handsome too, but very cocky.

“It is,” he answered with a smile. “What’s your name?’’

“What’s yours?” Lou threw back, letting her sarcasm shine through. Her comment amused him.

“Marcus. Marcus Callahan,” the gentleman stated with complete arrogance. “Your turn, sugar.”

“Louise,” she answered more sweetly. This was the man they were looking for.

“Just Louise?” he inquired as he leaned closer to her. When she didn’t answer, he stated “Well, I suppose as long as you come to it, that’s enough.” His arm encircled her waist, and his lips pressed against her cheek. Softly he whispered what he desired in her ear.

“Oh no,” Lou exclaimed as she withdrew herself from his embrace. “Fraid I can’t oblige you. See that man over there?” Marcus immediately turned his gaze to the finely dressed man with blonde hair Louise was pointing at.

“Yeah,” he replied nonchalantly. “What does he have to do with us?”

“Well,” Lou stated confidently. “That’s who I belong to, and he isn’t the type of man you mess with.”

“Is that so?” Marcus inquired curiously.

“Not unless you have a death wish,” Louise pointed out. “See, he’s got powerful connections that come along with his business. So unless...”

“What business?” The con man questioned. He was very interested in hearing more about the beauty’s man.

“I’m not allowed to say,” Lou shot quickly.

“Oh. I understand,” Marcus reassured her. “Well Louise, it was a pleasure meeting you.” With that he left her and made his way across the saloon. He had someone he was dying to meet.

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