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          Current Releases:

          Dignen 'Dignen' (CD) Summer 2001
           $10.00 + shiping

           The Standard 'World's Greatest' (CD) Spring 2000
              Re-released on Barbaric Records Spring 2001
           $10.00 + shiping

          Year 5000 'Secret Album' (CD) 1999/2000
           $8.00 + shiping

          Dignen 'Back when you were expected to lie' (7 inch) 1999
          $3.00 + shiping (currently sold out)

          Motorist (7 inch) 1999
              Featuring members of The Standard
          $3.00 + shiping

           Six From the Farm (Compilation CD) 1998;
             Featuring: Bali girls, Ice Break (Featuring members of 'The Swords Project'), Lielythe, Year 5000, Dignen, and Spectator Pump
          $6.00 + shiping

          Songs and Sounds of Trash From Central Oregon
          (Compilation CD) 1997

          $6.00 + shiping


      Dignen split 12 inch record with The 6-Minute Heartstop
             Released by Note Farm Records and Rise Records
      Year 5000's cover of of Final Sacrifice has been included on the SWANS tribute album
Die Tur Wird Nict Zubleiben (The Door Will Not Remain Closed)

      Web access to MP3s, lyrics, and photos for Note Farm releases and live shows (oh boy).

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