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Year 5000/Note Farm Records

Year 5000

Secret Album

Year 5000 Secret Album
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1.Zombie Rock (2.04M)
2.Two 20s and Two 10s
3.Lucifer Sam
4.Dance of the Slave Girl
6.Vampire in Portland
7.Beach Blankit of Death (2.73M)
8.Frogs Life (1.76)
9. Lost Land
11.Apt 108
12.Leaving Song
13.The Watchers Always See
14.Secret Joy
16.Open the Cash Registrar or Die
17.Compairing Monster Parts
18.The Camel Show
19.Looking at Sister
20.Poised and Clean
21.Bad Lucky (3M)
22.of fear and like
24.Little Miss S

54 Min. total

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Y5K is also featured on the compilations Songs and
Sounds of Trash From Central Oregon, Six From The
Farm, Die Tur Wird Nict Zubleiben, and Green Means Go.

Year 5000

After several compilation
appearances for Note Farm Records
Year 5000 released a full-length album on CD only,
Secret Album in a pressing limited to 1000 copies.

The CD varies wildly in style and recording
quality. It shows the band has out grown some of
it's earlier silly compilation appearances, but
retained the free spirited intensity and will to
howl and wail.

Year 5000 finished their West Coast (USA/Canada) tour
Spring of 2000 and have played several
low-profile concerts in Portland and Seattle since.

Plans have been made for further recordings including music for several independent films and 10 inch records.

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