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Since 1998 julesart has been designing fonts.  The first font was a symbol font, + you could type out icons. 
ecard thumbnail
 You could then move them all around like the floaty icons in the julesart e-cards.
From there julesgirltalk was born.  The alphabet is all in lower case and the upper case letters are replaced with the same little pictures or icons that julesart uses in handwritten correspondence.  However this is a skinny font* so julesgirltalk looks best printed on paper (rather than on screen as webgraphics).
*julesgirltalk has been thickened here for the purposes of display on the world wide web.
julesgirltalk font sample 1 
julesgirltalk font sample 2
Another julesart handwritten font is called JULES P.C. WIMMIN.  Some of the icons also appeared in julesgirltalk. JULES P.C. WIMMIN has the alphabet in capitals and therefore with the icons replacing the lower case letters.  Some of the icons have been used as navigation graphics in this julesart website.
JULES P.C. WIMMIN font sample
The last of the julesart handwritten fonts combines julesgirltalk and JULES P.C. WIMMIN to form the complete alphabet of upper and lower case, with only four icons 
(hidden in place of the ~  `  ^  and +.)
juleswriting font sample
If you love the julesart ding bats which appear in all the fonts on this page, then today is your lucky day, because the newest release from julesart features only icons, 52 in total, including some new ones. 
Get them from here
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These julesart fonts are free to install in your PC.  Please download all these fonts from   And don't forget to read Read Me and please participate in the "letterware."
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P.S. julesart has more font ideas in the pipeline.  So bookmark this page and come back every month or two.  Or 
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