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Dave's Bonny Scotland

Greetings from bonny Scotland! Thanks for visiting my page. Actually, I live in Japan. This page is a varied (and hopefully interesting) mix of a variety of things related to Scotland.

What's Scotland famous for? Haggis, whisky, kilty dolls, heilan' flings, and golf? Actually, Scotland's contribution to the world has been a bit more substantial. Penicillin was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming, Radar was invented by Sir Robert Watson-Watt, and Africa was explored by David Livingstone. These are only a few of the ways that Scots have influenced the world as we know it. For more, please see my other pages below.

My Scotland pages

My photos of Scotland-1995 trip My photos of Scotland-1996 trip My postcards of Scotland

Wha's Like Us? A humorous look at the contributions that Scots have made to the world. Let's stay in a bothy! Information on unattended mountain huts in Scotland The history of Scottish Mountaineering-a humorous look at some of the milestones in Scottish mountaineering.

Let's go hillwalking! Traditional Scottish Music with lyrics Dave's Bothy Art Page

Dave's Maps of Scotland Dave's Scottish Weather Page-current weather conditions and forecasts for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, and Aberdeen. Dave's Scottish Travel Information Links Page

Scottish Links

Heather's Little Homepage

Skyelander's Scottish History

Blanco's Mountain Centre Hill and Mountain Photos

Scene's of Scotland-A comprehensive list of Scottish Photo pages.

The Bagpipe Resource.

Hamish Brown, a renowned author on Scottish hill walking relates short stories that would be told in temporary shelters called bothies.

Scottish Slang Productions-a collection of Scottish slang phrases recorded in and around London by true Scots. WAV and Real Audio files available.

Helensburgh-Helensburgh (north of Glasgow on the West Highland line) and the surrounding area.

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