Links For Free Projects and Printables

Hi! I have recieved a couple of e-mails so far on this page about broken links, these links are now fixed. Thanks to all who let me know =D

This is a miniature crocheted dollhouse rug

I linked it right to the page to make it easier for you but make sure and check out the rest of her website it's really nice You can also use some of her coaster patterns for rugs..

Wee Darlings
Hi guys! This web-site has lot's of cross stitch patterns for sale, and she has free patterns sometimes too.

Annelies de Kort
This web-site has lot's of interesting stuff.

Mini Scenes and Things
This page is so cool!

Tracy's Dollhouse Page
Lot's of miniature projects here! This link is now fixed.

Dana's Hints
This page has some really cool idea's