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Graphic found at auntie.com

I am sure most of you already know this, but just to make sure these are links to other sites on the internet, and are not my patterns or ideas. I hope you all enjoy the hard work people have put into these and remember to e-mail if you like them (we webbies love e-mail!)

This page has 4 Free knitting patterns
I think most of these are on dpn's. She just added a new one so if you haven't checked out her page in a while you should go see it.

Maia's American Girl Cape
This is a really cute pattern especially for dolls like Felicity.

Maia's Amreican Girl Muff
This muff was designed to match the cape above.

Western Vest and Skirt
I have not tried this one yet, but I think my little sister Jessica would love it for Christmas mmmm....

Marigold Mcarthy's Spring Sweater
Out of the cardigans I have made this one, I would probably have to say was the easiest. My little sister Olivia recieved this for Christmas last year.

Liberty Cap
I haven't tried this one yet.

American Girl Doll Hat
This is a stocking hat with pom-pom.

Knitted Socks
(With Heel)
A pair of socks knit on dpns. I made these ones recently, they are not the kind of socks to go under shoes. I made mine with Jiffy yarn and they make great looking feet warmers for a doll like Kirsten(AG). They also knitted up rather quickly.

A sweater, cardigan and pants
I made the cardigan and it is awsome (can you tell I liked the finished project?) I did it in red, white and blue for my little sister's Molly Doll she looks so cute in it! I like the way this one look's but the "Spring Cardigan" has button holes.

Sarah's Shawl
I am in the process of knitting this one in pale yellow mohair it is looking so elegant!

Edleweiss Austrian Jacket for 18 inch doll
I hav'ent tried this one yet but by the look of the pictures it looks gorgeous. (have been a little nervous look's hard!)>

American Girl Doll Skirt
A knitted skirt from about.com.

American Girl Doll Roll Brim Hat
A very pretty knitted hat from about.com

American Girl Doll Poncho
Isn't this so cute! I can't wait to try this out =D

American Girl Doll Jester Hat
I cannot wait to make this I love jester hats and this one is great!

Summer Dress
A pretty dress for vinyl bodied 18 inch dolls(isn't this pretty!).

Doll mitten patterns
Free mitten pattern with thumbs.

Beret Pattern
Beret for dolls with a pretty stitch design.

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