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A Special Thanks

I would like to express my thanks to the following people for their asisitance in helping me put my site together.

Angelfire.Com - for providing this wonderful free site.

Sherry's Dragons - for providing some of the great backgrounds that I have used on this site.

Jen Walker of Here There Be Dragons - for some of the bars and dragon icons that I used on the site.

Tephra - for providing the background and bars that I used on my Home Page.

BoingDragon - for the great dragon counter.

Malathar - for the animated Green dragon "Scorch"

Mimi - for all your time and patience in helping me get this site up and running.

Guest World - for the great Guest Book.

Holland Studios - for the picture of Arangast Flying.

- She has supplied a number of the wonderful dragon border backgrounds that I have used on this site.

I'm sure that I have forgotten someone, for something. If I have accidentially forgotten you, please e-mail me about it and I will add your name to my list of Thanks.

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