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Arangast's Lair
Arangast's Lair


Welcome to the lair of Arangast the Gold

Arangast's Valley


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     As you wander through the the mountains you suddenly notice a pass that you could have sworn was not there a minute ago. Going through the pass you enter a beautiful valley that seems to be perpetually locked in the warm embrace of summer. Below you can see a waterfall and a river meandering through the valley. There are meadows and pasture lands below and various herd animals can be seen grazing here and there. You notice a stone path to your right that leads toward a cave opening. The cave seems to beckon you towards it.
     Passing through the entrance of the cave you find yourself in a large cavern with an opening in the back. Passing through the opening you find yourself in clean corridor of polished black granite. At the end of the long, downward sloping corridor you see two large bronze doors swinging open towards you.
     As you pass through the doorway you find yourself in a vast chamber with polished white granite floors with inlaid designs of red granite. The chamber is warm and well lit. You note the walls are of the same white granite with the red granite inlays. The ceiling is lost up above in the shadows, and the walls continue beyond the range of your sight. In the center of the chamber you see a large golden dragon reclining upon a bed of leather cushions. He looks up from the roasted haunch of Elk that he is snacking upon.
     "Greetings my friends, and also to you, unknown travelers of Cyberspace. Welcome to my draconic home here on the Internet. My name is Arangast the Gold. Please feel free to browse around my home at your leisure. You will find a number of doors or portals leading to different areas of my lair, you may enter any that interest you. Look around to your heart's content. When you are ready to leave please sign my guest book before exiting"

Scorch the Dragon

    "Let me tell you a little bit about myself. As you can see, I am a gold dragon... yes a dragon, we really do exist, we just don't usually allow humans to see us. For those of you who find this is not your cup of tea, I kindly ask that you leave now and that way you won't waste your time or mine, thank-you. I have been around for quite some time, since 341 bc. by Earth standards, although I only arrived on Earth back in 1954 ad."
     "I have existed in many different forms over the years, and in many different places, although my time on Earth, has usually been in human form. Back in June of 1996, I discovered a home of dragons here on the Net. It is known as or the AFD. It is a wonderful place where dragons of all kinds come to visit and have dicussions or just to have fun. It is there that I found many good friends. If this interests you, there is a portal to the AFD farther on in my lair."
     "I am not one of those dragons you read about in fairy tales. I do not go around burning down cities and towns. I don't ransack human dwellings looking for gold, and I don't eat maidens tied to a stake. I am a peaceful, civilized individual, who loves reading good books, listening to music, studying magic, swimming in the oceans, and generally just having a good time. I never attack anyone unless they attack me first."
"To find out more about me, please go down to the doorway leading to my description or to my history."

Arangast's Head


Arangast currently feels Arangast's current mood


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Doorways in my lairDoorways

My Description

My History

My Dragoncode Room

My Star

The Library

Awards Room


The Portal Room (Links)

The Gate Room (Web Rings)

Dragon Poetry Room

Image Gallery

Spell Chamber

Magic Artifact Warehouse

Greeting Card Room




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Please try out my new Guest Map. Show me where you are from, and leave me a message. I think this is so much better than an ordinary Guest Book.



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