January 13, 2010started a page about the Amherstburg Police Service's treatment of me, Linda Saxon.
January 14, 2010updated Saxon's story regarding Police Act charges and Ontario Human Rights Tribunal decision.
May 24added link to Globe and Mail article, Taking Aim at Bullies
Apr 8.03added poll for Saxon's 20 year Medal to coincide with newspaper advertisement
Dec 9added links to The Corruption Continuum and The Continuum of Compromise
Dec 8started a links page
Dec 1 added a page of politicians' responses to my email.
Sept 8 updated Saxon's story; added link to latest memo from the Association regarding the Twenty Year Exemplary Service Medal.
August 17 added link to information about three RCMP officers who sued the Public Complaints Commission
August 15 added link to The Whistle-Blowers: Exposing Corruption In Government & Industry by Myron Peretz Glazer & Penina Migdal Glazer
August 14 added link to sample of Malicious Prosecution
August 13 added link to added case of Bainard v. Toronto Police Services Board and link to malicious prosecution lawsuit settled
August 1 added link to Anti-Bullying Public Awareness Campaign Launched
July sent website address to police-related organizations, MPPs in Ontario and MPs accross the country
June 14 added link to Praskey's Ontario Court of Appeal decision that allows police officers to sue.
June 11 added link to BullyOnLine page that explains why co-workers stand by when bullying occurs
May 20 added the fact that Saxon's suit is settled to his page
May 14 added link to Perry Dunlop's Ethical Courage Award article
May 3.02 added page for Clark v. Canada and added link to Tim Field's Book, Bully in Sight