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Oneida Indian Ancestry

Researching your Native American heritage can be a daunting task. This site is created as an aid to those who are in search of their Oneida Indian ancestors. It includes lists of both on-line and off-line sources and is based on my experience in gathering this information along with the help of fellow researchers in the U.S. and Canada.

Tracking your Oneida Ancestors is further complicated by the split and subsequent migration of separate Oneida bands out of New York. A number of Oneida moved from New York to Wisconsin between 1820 and 1838. Other Oneida moved from New York to Ontario between 1839 and 1845. At the end of this migration period, some 200 Oneida remained on their New York homelands.

My own recent heritage starts in Wisconsin and leads back to New York state with connections to Canada. I have conducted hands-on research in Wisconsin and New York, and I hope to travel to the other Oneida regions in Ontario to do further research.

Knowing where to go for the information you seek before you begin your trip, makes the job of researching easier. Fellow researchers are urged to submit additional Oneida Genealogy sources to the email address at the bottom of this page. Special thanks to Joyce Willingham for spending hours transcibing tribal census rolls for this site for the benefit of other researchers!


-William Sommers Quistorf
Oneida Nation citizen


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