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Off-Line Resources

Major Areas of Off-Line Research

1. Reservations

The Oneida Indian Nation, New York
Address: 223 Genesee Street
Oneida, NY 13421
phone (315) 829-8900 fax: (315) 361-6333
Tribal rosters in the Enrollment Office go back to the 1700's. Not for public view. Researchers can mail in family tree information (Names, dates, places) to the Enrollment Office with request for information. No fee is charged.

Oneida Indian Nation Library located near the Shako:wi Cultural Center. The library has a complete set of microfilm titled: "Iroquoi Indians: a Documentary History" along with a reference book. Of special interest is microfilm #48 which lists many of the NY Oneidas who departed for Wisconsin and Canada. Also on hand is a paper written by Oneida Nation Historian Anthony Wonderley pertaining to the Oneida who fought in the American Revolution. Includes a transcription of losses sustained by the Oneida and lists many participants names on both the American and British sides. The library has a very helpful staff to assist researchers. Address: 55 Territory Road, Oneida NY 13421. Located on Route 46, 2.5 miles south of the intersection of Routes 5 and 46. phone (315) 361-6461.

The Oneida Indian Nation of Wisconsin
Address: P.O. Box 365
Oneida, WI 54155
Phone: 1-800-236-2214
The Oneida Enrollment Office has hard copies of the tribal rolls on-hand. The office staff can work on family trees with you, but requests that you make an appointment in advance.

The Oneida Culture and Heritage Department has files and information relating to Oneida family history on-hand. They also have a book of Tribal Allotments. This book has the allotees names alphabetical order. Land Allotments were issued in 1891.

Once the allotment number is known, the researcher can go to the Oneida Land Management Office. This office has a records room where all the land records are kept. Give the clerk the allotment numbers you are researching. There is a wealth of information that can be gleaned from these files. Often the Allotee's heirs are designated in writing.

The Oneida Nation Museum has thousands of photographs filed. Most individuals are unidentified, but some are named. An appointment must be made in advance to view the photograph files. The museum is accepting historic family photos.

The South East Oneida Tribal Service (of Wisconsin)
Address: 2778 South 35th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Phone (414) 384-7740

Due to the large population of Oneida in the Milwaukee area, the Oneida of Wisconsin have established a Tribal Service Office in the city. The staff there offers a great variety of services to tribal members. Office hours as of 6/22/02: M-W 8am - 6:30pm, Th & F 8am - 4:30 pm, and Sat 9am - Noon.

The Oneida Nation of the Thames, London, Ontario, Canada
Address: RR 2, SOUTHWOLD, ON
Postal Code N0L 2G0
Phone (519) 652-3244 Fax (519) 652-9287
Limited genealogy info on-hand at the Oneida Membership Office and the Oneida Language Center Tribal rolls on-hand go back to 1890. Historical references are kept in the National Archives in Ottawa.

Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Address: PO BOX 5000, OHSWEKEN, ON
Postal Code N0A 1M0
Phone (519) 445-2201 Fax (519) 445-4208
Limited genealogy info on-hand at the Oneida Membership Office. Tribal rolls on-hand go back to 1878. Historical references are kept in the National Archives in Ottawa.

Map of Reservations in the U.S.
A good website for locating Reservations throughout the U.S. Click on link below, then click on state. Gives mailing addresses for tribes & phone numbers. Names may be outdated.

2. Organizations

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
U.S. Federal Census data on microfilm. Native American tribal rolls on microfilm. Click on link below to find the closest regional facility. Not all regions have all copies of tribal rolls.

Madison County Historical Society, New York
Address: 435 Main Street, PO Box 415, Oneida, NY 13421
Books, papers, and microfilm on file. One file drawer dedicated to the Oneida and other Native American tribes. Documents on hand include: A lengthy document covering Treaties with the Iroquois (includes lists of 1st & 2nd Christian Parties including many family member names), NY Oneida Indian Census from about 1880, NY Oneida Indian Census from 1893, Oneidas at Onondaga Reservation NY Census from 1922. Very helpful staff of volunteers. Call for hours of operation.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Address: 816 State Street
Madison, WI 53706
Large amount of information pertaining to the Oneida of Wisconsin. Some information available on inter-library loan. See on-line resources page for full catalog. General info web page listed below.

National Archives of Canada
Address: 395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3
Phone: (613) 995-5138
Census data, tribal rolls, research papers and books on hand. See link below for detailed information.

Archives of Ontario
Address: 77 Grenville Street, Toronto
Phone (416) 327-1600
Census data, research papers and books on hand. See link below for detailed information.

London & Middlesex County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society
Library and mailing address: 1017 Western Road, Grosvenor Coach House, London Ontario, Canada, N6G 1G5.
Phone: (519) 641-4025
Books, papers, and census data on file. Will conduct research for a fee. See website below.

Church Records in Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Good website to locate vital Church Records on Oneidas in Canada. See website below.

William L. Clements Library of the University of Michigan
Library and mailing address: 909 S. University Ave, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1190.

Collection from the Amercian Bible Association. Correspondent Julius Field writes at some length on the Oneidas and, in other letters, on the Oneida West Mission, 12 miles west of Green Bay. (1842.05.20) See website below.

3. Books/Periodicals/CD's

Oneida People, Places, Dates and Events: A Resource Guide, one CD, Adobe format

Oneida researcher and author Susan G. Daniels has recently completed another major Ondeida Genealogy project after seven years of hard work. This CD has 650 pages of vital information. It covers the period from the early 1800's up through 1940's. Genealogy information is taken from census records, church records, land records, diaries, newspaper articles, etc.

This CD sells for $65.00 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

Click on this arrow for Order Form

The History of the Oneida WPA Stories

Oneida researcher and author Susan G. Daniels has recently completed a major project: transfering over 11,000 written pages of Oneida history onto 13 CD's. This work involves the writtings of a number of Oneida's who were involved in the Work Progress Administration (WPA) writing projects during the 1930's.

This collection of stories hold a wealth of information and may provide the resources needed for valuable genealogy research. To read a more detailed summary of this work, click on the arrow below.

The set of 13 CD's sells for $150 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

Click on this arrow for Order Form

"Chronology of Events: Research on Oneidas in Wisconsin 1634-2000." Copyright 2003 by Susan G. Daniels
Here is the intro: "This work initially centered around the emigration of Oneida chiefs and clans from the State of New York to Wisconsin. Particular emphasis was given to Elijah Skenandoah, Turtle Clan Chief, holder of the Oneida Tribal belt and accompanying treaties struck in New York. While this phase of research is in no way complete, it is not unlike other historical research--there is always more that can be added, there is no end. A chronology was created, and from that a life of its own developed.
Resources include correspondence, census records, newspaper articles, land transactions, and diary entries. Entries referring to correspondence are from the Ernie Stevens, Sr. Collection housed at the Oneida Division of Land Management in Oneida, Wisconsin. The emphasis moved from information specific to chiefs and clans to that of Oneida people and the Oneida reservation in Wisconsin, in general. This is a first edition and with discovery of additional historical information, will continue to be updated in future editions. It can be used as a historical source, and hopefully as inspiration for readers to conduct research of their own."

Price: $20.00, plus $3.95 for shipping and handling.

Click on this arrow for Order Form

Click on this arrow for Order Form

"Indians from New York in Wisconsin and Elsewhere: A Genealogy Reference, Volume 1" by Toni Jollay Prevost (
This volume contains information about the Oneida, and Stockbridge who migrated to WI from NY & New England. Includes abstracts from the 1885 Bureau of Indian Affairs Rolls; the 1850 1870 & 1890 US censuses of Brown, Calumet & Shawano Co.s, WI, the 1900 US census of Indians from NY in Indian Territory, the 1900 census of Indians from NY & WI living in Bucks Co., PA, and the 1890 Civil War Military census of Brown Co., Wl. The names of NY students attending Indian schools in WI, KS, PA and VA in 1900.

"Indians From New York In Ontario & Quebec, Canada: A Genealogy Reference Volume 2" by Toni Jollay Prevost.
Contains info about the Oneida and other tribes who either migrated to or were natives of Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Includes 1851 census abstracts as they relate to Indians for: Brant, Haldimand and Middlesex Counties, Ontario Deux Montagnes County, Quebec, the Ontario Mohawk Institute; and Mount Elgin Industrial Institution. 1881 census abstracts for: Brant, Haldimand, Hasting and Prince Edward Counties, Ontario; and La Prarie and Huntington County, Quebec.

"Indians from New York: A Genealogy Reference, Volume 3" by Toni Jollay Prevost
Contains info about Oneida and other tribes. Topics include: basic research sources; reservation and museum information; bibliography references, using the Persi File; using the Accelerated Indexing System, the New England Society, using the Family History library, using the International Genealogy Index; migration; and Seneca treaties. Abstracts include: the 1886 Bureau of Indian Affairs censuses for all of the Six Nations Indian Reservations; the 1900 U.S. Census for all of the residents ot the Allegheny-Cattaragrus, St. Regis, Tuscarora and the Shinnecock-Montauk Reservations; the 1900 U.S. Census of the Quaker School for Indian Children.

"The Iroquois in the Civil War, From Battlefield to Reservation" by Laurence M. Hauptman
111 to 142 Oneidas voluntarily served in the Civil War. At least 46 were killed, missing in action, or died of disease while at war. This book directly deals with the hundreds of Iroquois involved in the Civil War, and the thousands who were adversely affected by it.

"Sagole...A greeting from the Oneidas" published by the Oneida (of Wisconsin) Cultural Heritage Department
This publication is a reproduction of a booklet originally published in 1900 (approximately). The booklet was purchased at an auction and the purchaser donated the book to Sherry King. This booklet was then donated to the Oneida Cultural Heritage Department.
The narrative in this publication was researched and written by the Oneida Cultural Heritage Department utilizing church records, census rolls, annuity rolls, Work Progress Administration (WPA) documents, and boarding school records.
The cost of the booklets are $4.50 each with a discount on quantity purchases. All monies go back into the reproduction of the booklet and/or other publications of the Oneida Cultural Heritage Department.

"Understanding Ontario's First Nations Genealogical Records: Sources and Case Studies" by Dr. David K. Faux
In the process of documenting his own family history, Dr. Faux discovered many sources of genealogical data in addition to the obvious ones housed at the National Archives of Canada. In this useful work he shares his findings and, using actual cases as examples to guide the researcher, suggests ways to go about your own search. People who know or suspect they have a Six Nations ancestor, people who believe they are entitled to enrollment as a member of the Six Nations, Status members of the Six Nations, as well as genealogists, historians and anthropologists will all find this comprehensive guide to the sources a helpful tool. Published by the Ontario Genealogical Society.

"The Oneida Nation Newsletter" (New York)
Address: P.O. Box 1, Verona, NY 13476
This newsletter can also be downloaded and viewed at the Oneida Nation (New York) website. See On-Line Resources page.

"Kalihwisaks" Newspaper of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin.
Address: P.O. Box 365, Oneida, WI 54155.
I had much success in contacting extended family members and long lost cousins when I wrote a letter to the editor for publication. The letter included my extended family surnames and my efforts to extend my family tree.

View the current issue of Kalihwisaks on-line by clicking on the arrow below.


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