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Welcome to the Cardercrest Homepage

Welcome to our homepage!

We're a young family living in Southern Ontario. We are very involved in dogs, and members of our breed and kennel clubs. Our experience in dogs is already enough for a couple of average dog owning lifetimes, but we will always be students and enthusiastically learn something new everyday about our beloved creatures.  



Hello There!

Hi, I'm Banzai, or Blaz v. Emmerich if you prefer. I'm a German Shepherd Dog and a pretty good one at that. I have to live with my annoying little brother Shenanigans who's a big black bag of drool. He's so unsophisticated. I like to camp, swim, track, tackle obstacles, and be a loving dog. I'm from German working lines. Apparently I was a dope as a kid, but I couldn't be any dopier than the OTHER dog. Well he makes a pretty good playmate and since he came, mom's been feeding me raw meat, bones and veggies YUMMM. I love to chase the cat, and get my tail scratched, I also love mooching for cooked food. I can't stand that evil vet guy, he always does something to hurt me. But mom always says she proud of me, because I'm not bad....just very uncooperative. *g* Other than that, there isn't too much that fazes me...except.....


Okay Okay, move, it's my turn!!!  
Hi there, I'm the newest addition, well not so new I was born June 9th 1999, and if you haven't guessed already I'm a Newfoundland dog. One of the five proud Canadian indigenous breeds. My name is Shenanigans aka Coffeycove's Golden Rule CGC. I am so far a full time pet, although mom is looking to change that with some therapy work, and tracking. I am also busy learning carting and can pull that contraption pretty good now! I'm out of Ch. Denali's Liberty Belle x Ch. Paddlewheel's Tom Sawyer. I have to admit, I think I'm pretty good looking! I love people to death, and I'm pretty fearless, and mom also has another name for me. NO! She calls me that when I'm doing something fun like tasting the kitty crunchies or eating paper. Well since Banzai is pushing me out of the way I'll conclude with my mooing..Mooo, Mooo...

We've been working on this site in tribute to Banzai and Shenanigans. It started out as Banzai's site, but he's decided to share with Shenanigans, being the good dog that he is.


We first decided to get a GSD when things where we were living got a little too rough for many people. It was also time for another dog and I've always wanted a large intelligent breed. Being raised with Shelties and Border Collies with the family kennel, it was time for a change. We decided on a very nice and informed breeder. Little did we know that we were diving head first into the world of the German working bred German Shepherd Dog. Banzai was a very challenging teenager. He was what I still describe as a challenging little brat. However, soon after he hit about 18 months, he decided that yes we were the boss and life would be easier if he just complied. But what I've noticed from most responsible GSD owners, it's not a master/dog relationship formed, it's a partnership. Banzai is truly our partner.

Banzai is a very outgoing confident dog. Friends and family of his are greeted with a tail wagging bodychecking vocal goof. Outside our home, unknown adults, usually meet the aloof side of Banzai. Children and elderly on the other hand, meet a character who is calm and a good washcloth for the kiddies! Banzai has been a wonderful companion, guardian and German Shepherd Dog for the past 10 years we've spent with him. We are looking forward to many more memories.

About 6 1/2 years ago, we decided we wanted to add another large dog. We narrowed down to Newfoundlands for their wonderful temperaments, plus we also wanted a dog who would fit into our walking and swimming routines. We were not terribly satisfied with the breeders in our area, I am known for being VERY picky when it comes to selecting a dog. We finally found a breeder who bred for health temperament, good structure and for the love of the breed. Their dogs were not just big carpets, but outgoing personalities, all possessing the calm docile nature of a Newfoundland. About two years later due to moving, our breeder bred Belle and Shenanigans was born. We knew we had our dog.  We hope in the future to add another dog from Coffeycove, Pat and I have been working on my husband! Shenanigans is a great guy, one of the temperamentally soundest dogs I've ever had the pleasure of owning. He loves everyone and everything (except the dremel tool!) and is a pleasure to own, even though he lives up to his call name EXTREMELY well.

Sigh...Does he ever! I'm too old for this kind of puppy insanity!

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