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Welcome .... Sort of ..... If you look at the picture above that i created you'll see a womans face ... she looks kind of sad / meloncholy .... theres a reason ... A certain free web server lost 1/2 of her images for her web site ... It turns out previews of tubes went missing ... zipped tubes went missing ... all images detailing instructions on how to create tole flowers in psp went missing .... SIGH ... At this point in time in my life i dont have enough time to fix it all . I thank the many visitors who contacted me about this . I thank the many people who over the last several years have signed my guestbook or emailed me personally to tell me how they liked my site . At this point in time within my life I am trying to start up a mosaics business . So within this site the only thing you will now find ... is memorials and links . Links...wonderful pages
Memorials...wonderful thoughts