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Cathy Nicholas


1949 - 2000

I met Cath a few years ago in the virtual land of chat . We soon became close friends She was my best friend . Not just a online friend but my best friend , my confidant . I dont have many real life friends . I taught Cath what I know of internet fun ... painting in psp , building pages , redoing avs . We opened a paint shop in VP and had a blast . Alot of people didn't like the way she painted ...she never won a contest award , she had her own unique style painting for the love of it . Cath and I helped each other out through our daily lifes problems , each being a sounding board for the other . Cath was very sick but she didn't let many people know She hid it well showing only kindness to all . In the last few months of her life Cath was happy having overcome a abusive relationship and relishing a new adoring love for a online beau. Suddenly her online friends did not see her for 4 days . Finally one online friend phoned her local police claiming to be a concerned family member . Cath had died of heart failure. Since her death I have decided to do my best to make my dreams come true. I try a little each day to work towards a goal I have set for my future . I figure if I could convince Cath to do something good for herself then I can most definitely do the same for myself . This is my tribute to Cath . Her memory will live on forever in my heart . The image below is of my feelings the day i found out about her death . The scene within the heart is one that she used upon one of her favorite avs , showing the bay she lived so close to .

Debbie Head


1957 - 2000

Debbie was not some one i had planned on meeting . After the previous neighbour had moved out I had sighed with relief as she had been a hard one to deal with . When the "new" neighbours moved in I thought i dont need to bother ... I dont have time . In the summer she dropped off some vegetables from her garden , I reciprocated with tomatoes from mine . At christmas she brought over chocolates ... when i opened the door i had no clue who she was even though she just lived a few doors down . Summer came again . And with it some problems with behaviour in my preteen daughter . For whatever reason my daughter with her exuberant outgoing personality got to chatting up the neighbours and soon was learning wood carving through this couple . I met Debbie and Al with a bit of hesitance but soon found i liked these people . They are very down to earth caring people . I learned they had lost their only son who was handicapped a few years before. One day while having tea debbie mentioned chemo ... I said what .. what do you mean ..thinking i had heard wrong . She came to tell me she had lung cancer , it was through her lymph nodes , uncurable , terminal. In the next few weeks I started to explain to my daughter about cancer . At the start of August Debbie went into the hospital for surgery to help clear one lung to make her breathing easier. After several days she returned home with oxygen in tow. She was on antibiotics to clear up infection but the months of chemo had taken a effect , and soon Deb had worse problems breathing , she had no energy to even walk . She was readmitted to hospital with pnomonia in both lungs on top of infections . When I heard this i dropped by hospital to visit to find things had turned worse . Debbie died that night . This was a neighbour I had not planned on meeting .... and this woman made me yet again re-examine my life . Making me think my life isnt that bad at all . If you learn anything at all from reading this , learn this , never ever put off getting to know someone no matter how busy you are . You never know might just make a friend. The painting below is my tribute to Debbie. May her spirit dance on with the butterflies she loved so much.

Laura Morrison


1989 - 2001

Although i did not know Laura personally her death touched me personally . Laura was the daughter of one of my coworkers. She was 11, and my daughter is 11. This child's death was very shocking . It was not something her parents even knew was about to happen . And in this manner it is something that has touched me . In making me realize the "what if's" in this thing we call life. It has made me realize that I need to count my blessing just a little more often , to try even harder to show my children just how very much they are loved . Another coworker said to me go home and hug your kids . May I say to you make the most of your moments with your children in the hopes that you never have to deal with the "what if's".

Colleen Leis


1964 - 2001

Colleen was the happiest person I have been blessed to know . Born with spinabifida Colleen never allowed this to be a burden . Her sparkling personality was infectious , she had a hug for everyone she met . Colleens death was unexpected , a shock to all who knew her . With one third of the all who attended her funeral in wheelchairs , it made those of us that are completely healthly look into ourselves and see that our lives as good .

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