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About Swing

Swing is a umbrella term for a six-count Jazz dance combining African and European moves, starting with the Lindyhop. Originally invented in 1937, the Lindyhop was born from the Charleston and the Black Bottom dances. Many different dances have been included in the Swing style such as the Shag, Truckin', Chicken style, West Coast Swing, and so forth.
*Airsteps were started in 1935 by Frankie "Musclehead" Manning, involving flips in the steps.
*Truckin' is a confident shuffle dance that was added by Lindyhoppers when swinging their partner out, often includes shaking your index finger
*Chicken style swing was invented by the 'Truckateers' including chicken-like movements
*Shag is a precurser to Swing danced to Ragtime with a slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm, there are many varieties.
*West Coast Swing is a slower 8-count version of swing invented in California.

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Charles "Lindy" Linburgh

Linburgh was the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by himself in his plane "The Spirit of Saint Louis". A charismatic and popular man, the first incarnation of the Swing dance, the 'Lindyhop' was named after him after the flight from New York to Paris in 1927. This was a big deal, because the main mode of transportation until then had been on ships. While there is no actual 'hopping' in the 'Lindyhop', the name stays.
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Slang of the Era

Common Words and some of my Favorite phrases of Swing

Swing Slang English Translation
Jitterbug Person who likes to Swing/A style of Swing
Cats Musicans/A Swing Band/A Cool Person
Hep Cat Cool Guy
Chick Female Cool Person
Twist/Twirl Girl who loves to Swing
Jack/Gate/Pops Male Friends
Charley Guy you just met
Sam Girl you just met
Barbeque Beautiful Girl
Barn Burner Stylish and Classy Woman
(Ripe) Tomato Beautiful in many ways girl
Battle Ugly Girl
Kopasetic/Alright Cool
Rug Cutter Good Dancer, a twist movement
Threads Clothes
Gasser Someone you admire
Crumb/Fink Unreliable/Impossible to Respect
Battle/Jeff/Square Yarddog (Uncool)
Icky Opposite of a Hep Cat
Original Loser A person without talent
Bombsville Any kind of failure in life
Killer Diller Great Thrill
Togged to the Bricks Looking good in your clothes
Creep out like the Shadow A Smooth Character
Off the Cobb Out of date
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Fashion of the 1930s

Boys' threads

  • Sweaters
  • Loose Trousers
  • Flat shoes/sneakers

Girls' threads

  • Blouses
  • Sweaters
  • Short flared/pleted Skrit
  • Bobby Socks
  • Flat Shoes
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This page's Band

Aww, don't be a yarddog! Let the music flow!

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing"
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