Insanity Reality Characters

In this comic based on my life there are many players, so I think right now I'm only going to put in those who actually appear in my comic, and those who I see in my everyday life. Not everyone will have a picture, though. So let's start by explaining me.

Faith-chan (aka Kelsey)

I am an Artist studying comic illustration. I am an Aries, with a lot of Taurus in my Astrology. I was born in the year of the (Wood) Ox. Right now I live with my family of five. I'm the middle child but have the personality of an "only child". I live with seven pets. I dabble in magick and New Age stuff thanks to my mom, who inspired me long ago in elementary school. She's taught me how to get in contact with my Inner Guides. They are just the main cause of me talking to myself. It's just all part of a regular/insane day for me, yep yep!

My Family

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An Aquarius/Boar. I get along with her pretty well. We often fight like a married couple. I keep her grounded, she makes me laugh.
A Leo/Boar. He's my Papa bear, cuddly and sweet like a teddy bear, but gruff and a little scary when he's angry. I'm not as familar with him as with my Mom because he's out working a lot of the time.
A Leo/Roaster. My older brother of 4 years, he's generally a nice guy but has a temper. I like to make fun of old cartoons with him.
A Pisces/Dragon. I call him Fish-boy because he's a Pisces, and maybe a little resenting the fact that he's so cute and charming and always seems to get his way. But then again, that's what I love about him too. He's younger than me by 4 years.

My Pets

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April's my Aries kitty. I got him in the First grade, and he's now the oldest pet in our family. He's very cuddly and comes indoors to seek attention and food.
Not sure when she was born. Kiya's a crazy medium-haired Calico and tends to get angry very easy (and sweet when she's hungry).
The only dog in a house-full of cats, T's a tennis-ball crazed dog who has a barking problem. Her favorite person is Mom, who likes to "speak" for her.
Arwen and the Kittens
All summer born cats, Arwen and her kittens (Spirit, Willow, & Shade) seem to hold most of the attention of us humans right now. They are Onii-san's cats. Kiya hates them, so they are probably Evil and her hellspawn, right? The two tabbies are female, and the lone black kitten (Shade) is male. When Onii-san moves out we get to keep Willow.

My Inner Guides

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Catlina, a white cat, was my first Inner guide and tends to be my consious/SuperEgo/Ego/the responsible one of my Inner guides. She'll be there in my head if I'm doing something bad.
Jose is a dragon, my second Inner Guide. He tends to bring some of the silly childish things into my head, along in with sticking into my head his favorite song about eating worms. He's a little creepy in the sense that he has a crush on me.
Lil' Coyote
LC is the source of the more "adult" jokes that come into my head, along with acting and pointing out what I really want. In that way she can be my Ego and Id. I guess you can say she's my "alter Ego" and the one who likes to come out and play online.
Viper-dude is a snake that just wants me to relax and have fun, to enjoy myself. He tends to add "man" to a lot of his sentences. He isn't as outspoken as my other Inner Guides because he likes to sleep a lot.