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March 21, 2002

Dear Friends,
Well, things are kind of exciting around here right now. We are in the process of buying our first home from some friends from our church. It is old and needs a LOT of work but with plenty of TLC we should be able to do something with it ; ) We are excited about finally having a place of our own : )
Hope you enjoy the web site and I'll try to add some new pages soon. Don't forget to check out the page about the new baby horse... its darling : ) Valerie

December 27, 2001

Dear Friends,
Hmmm, not much new going on around here : ) Robbie is in second grade and Timmy is in kindergarten this year. I am staying home with the girls and attempting to start a graphics design business. (With a lot of help from a friend -Thanks KAYRE!)
Thanks for stopping by and visiting our webpages!


PS: All of the kid's have a new webpage... just click on their name and take a look!

Robbie, Timmy, Rebekah and Bethany

August 1, 2001

Dear Friends,
Well, this summer has definately been different! We had Vacation Bible School at the beginning of summer and were in a bad car accident on the last day. So... we were without a vehicle for exactly a month as it totaled our van, a Ford Explorer and a Dump truck. I was supposed to pay a payment on the phone bill that day also and it got shut off for over 2 weeks! Now I am having to go to the Chiropracter on an almost daily basis.... so as I said this has been a very "different" summer! (I think the Lord has been trying to teach me patience- but I sure didn't ask for it LOL!) Its hard to believe that school is starting back in less than 2 weeks! Robbie will be in second grade this year and Timmy in kindergarten. The girls will be staying home with Mommy : )

Hope you enjoy our Website!


PS: Timmy's new 5 Year Old webpage is up... he's so excited about it and would love for you to take a look!

April 27, 2001

Dear Friends,
I have just added about 10 new pages. Thanks for stopping by and please be sure to look around at all the new things that I've been adding : ) I've also done some webpages for others recently... one for ReGroup Pets and one for a friend that does Poetry. Check them out and let me know what you think : )
Take Care,

March 11, 2001

Dear Friends,

Well, we are finally back online! It sure is nice to be back! I am still teaching 2 computer classes and we just finished the yearbook. I've really enjoyed teaching this year. We are looking forward to Spring Break coming up the first week in April : )

Take Care!


August 18, 2000

Dear Friends,
I have just begun teaching two computer classes and yearbook at the Christian School that my children attend and we are allowing my classes to use our computer for awhile... so I will be offline for awhile. I will be checking my mail once a week or so.

Thanks for visiting our pages!

Hello Friends!
Welcome to our new webpages. I'll try to keep you updated on this page as to what is new and when it was updated. We hope you enjoy our pages and come back to visit often!

October 2, 1999
I just put up the page on "Our Little Artist's" (actually right now it has pictures of Robbie's first day of kindergarten : ) and the page on "Hyles Anderson College".

PLEASE don't forget to sign the guest book!

October 4, 1999
I finished the web site!! Can you tell I'm excited?? I know its never TRUELY finished as it will be updated constantly... but at least every page has something on it and no more "under construction" pages : )

November 6, 1999
I just fixed a broken link and added a little to the "Bus Kid" page. Within the next few weeks I am going to try my hand at designing some graphics. I have done a couple of kids pages so far. If you'd like to see them they are at Laura's Update Page and at Joshua's Web Page.

If there is anything you'd like to see here let me know : )


January 31, 2000
I have added a few pages and fixed a few problems, just keep forgetting to put an update here : ) I now have a site up for free graphics. If you have a photo that you want made into a set or any ideas for it please e-mail me. The URL for the graphics site is: Check it out and let me know what you think. (Just keep in mind its my first attempt : ) No rotten eggs please : O

June 2, 2000
I added 3 new pages today, hope you all enjoy them. I haven't been keeping up with my pages too well because I have been helping several friends get their own webpages started : ) My kids are getting big... growing like weeds ; ) I can't believe my baby is already 2! Take care and come back and visit again soon : )

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