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Varun Parekh's

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Welcome to Varun Parekh's online coin album! I have been collecting coins for more than 8 years now and I have put up this site to spread information and awareness about Indian and World Coinage. The hobby/art of coin collecting is called Numismatics . Being an Indian, I am basically stressing on my Indian Coins & Paper Money collection. So click on the Links below to start exploring the amazing world of coins & currency!

One of my goals as a coin collector is to have coins/currency from every country of the world. Since I do not purchase coins are exchange coins only with friends, my goals are materializing - though a tad bit slow! If you'd like to donate some of your spare/extra coins and/or currency, please click here to find out how you can help! All donations are gratefully accepted and acknowledged on the donors list.

Please DONT send me "What is my coin worth?" emails. I am NOT in the position to answer such questions! Sorry!

I have categorized my coins in 2 main categories :

Or click below to view some Indian Paper Currency :

I still have not scanned too many pictures of my foreign coins as I have a collection spanning more than 50 countries.

Dollars, Rupees, Pounds, Yen?!! Confusing aint it? Click here to see the latest exchange rates.

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