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My American


1. Quartars (25 cents)
2. Dimes (10 cents)
3. Nickles (5 cents)
4. Cents (Penny)
( 1$ = 100 Cents)

Kennedy Half $ (50 cents)
Minted In 1964
Additional Information: ( Source unknown )
Kennedy half dollars were first produced in 1964. Half dollars that bear the 1964 date are 90% silver, and carry a numismatic premium based on the current price of silver. In 1965 the amount of silver used in the production of Kennedy halves was decreased to 40%, and this specification was used until 1970. Kennedy halves dated 1971 and later contain no silver and do not command a numismatic premium. In order to evaluate the current value of your Kennedy half dollars, multiply the current market price for silver by 0.36169 for 1964 issues, and by 0.1479 for all issues 1965 to 1970. ( I came across this article while surfing the net! )

Mercury Dime
Minted In 1936
Not minted any more
Collectors Value: 40$ in "fine condition."
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1 Cent
Minted In 1926 ( I have all the dates from 1911-1999)
This Particular Design Is Not Minted Any More.

1 Dollar (Called The Morgan Dollar)
Mintd In 1884
Major Component: Silver

Suzan B. Anthony 1 $ Coin

Nickel (5 Cents)
Not Minted Anymore.

From The Year 1999, Every State (There Are 50) Of The USA,
Are Going To Release A Quarter (25 Cents) Every 10 Weeks (i.e: 5 Every Year).
I also have these coins, gold plated from the Philadelphia mint.


The Sacagawea 1$ Coin. It is gold plated and is the 1st commemorative coin of the USA in the year 2000! Sacagawea was a Native American (Indian) who helped Luis & Clarke during their exploration of Central America (Luisiana region). The one I have is in UNC condition.

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