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The Cult of Recovered Memory

--a destructive psychotherapy cult--

The best remedy to extract anyone from any cult is for them never to allow themselves to become ensnared in the first place.

Once a person has accepted the groupthink and expert opinion of the cult, logic and persuasive argument does not prevail to inform their knowledge and behavior. Unless information is in line with that of the group or cult it will be rejected no matter how valid or how important that it be heard and acted upon.

Such is the tragic nature of all mind-control cults, including the cult of psychotherapy. It doesn't matter that one does not realize that it is a cult or that they are in fact card-carrying members.

It is a matter of self-delusion, and accepting expert opinion in place of one's common sense. If that expert opinion is flawed or in error, then it will negatively influence one's identity and personal responses. If the beliefs accepted in place of one's common sense are in fact valid, a person will have their identity changed in a positive way which better reflects reality.

It is strictly a matter of where the truth is. Unfortunately, today's therapists deal mostly with lies, deceit and deception while calling it "narrative truth."

MPD spells s-u-i-c-i-d-e

The Cult of Recovered Memory: A Pandoras Box