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Sadirra's History

This is not the whole story. It is only what Sadirra knows. One day she may learn all the answers...

It's also in the process of being edited. So basically ignore this for now. I have to fix it.

On the night Sadirra was born, her mother wandered into The Moonlake Inn, tattered and torn. Nelle Trilby, the tavern owner's daughter, took the woman under her care. The woman, who never revealed her name, continued to ramble on about how she had lost her husband and become a monster and was unfit to be the parent of this infant, refusing to see the baby because she didn't want to get attatched to something... someone she could not keep. She made a confused Nelle promise to see to it that the child would live a normal, happy life and took off from the inn without ever even glancing at the girl, leaving behind only a single white glove to give the babe when she was older saying the glove would protect her since it had once already. She was never seen again.

After Kaia departed, Nelle was shocked to find the baby was covered in fur and had a tail.

Determined however to fulfill Kaia's wishes that the girl, whom she named Sadirra, live a normal life (as much as could be expected for a furry kid), Nelle did research on weretigers and learned that she should be able to change into a human form in a few years. In hopes that she could deal with this, she raised the kid in the inn, much to the dismay of her parents, keeping her indoors at all time (well, trying to anyway) and heavily clothed in various layers of robes so that if she was spotted, no one would notice her odd features. She matured rapidly (fast for a human child, but at a normal pace for weretigers) and wished she could play with the other kids, but knew that she couldn't because she understood that she would only bring harm upon herself and her loved ones if she was seen since weretigers were creatures who were feared and hunted, remaining in her room most of her time with only Nelle and her new husband, Tate, for company.

That is until her seventh year. Sadirra had snuck outside once again to the woods not too far (but far enough) from the tavern so she could remove her heavy robes without anyone seeing her. As she sat in the grass, she was taken by surprise when she heard someone heading in her direction and lept quickly into the nearest tree. But the young boy in nice clothing heard her and came to investigate. ~Oh no!~ she thought. ~He's gonna see me! Maybe if I throw on my cloak real quick an' run off, he won't notice.~

Then she realized that she'd left her coverings on the ground. She readied herself to jump down and grab them, but before she could, the boy picked them up.

"Hey. Who's up there?" he asked squinting up into the treetop. "These your clothes? You not naked or something are you? Hello?"

Desperate for anyway out of this, Sadi scooted to a low branch and stretched down to grab the clothes while he was looking the other way, but he turned and she had to pull herself up quickly. Since she had been concentrating so hard on not being seen, she lost her balance and fell to the ground. She sat there for a moment, stunned that she actually fell out of a tree. She'd never done that before. Why hadn't she been able to catch herself with her claws? "Hello," a voice said behind her.

She cringed. Her black ears would have laid back against her head and her tail would have curled around and tucked between her legs at this point, if they'd been there. She started to jump up and run away, but noticed that the grass felt different. Her hands were bare. She stared at her furless hands, utterly confused. There was a third hand infront of her. The boy was trying to help her up. "You okay? You hurt your butt or something?"

Sadi shook her head, taking his hand and letting him pull her to her feet. "I think I'm okay."

"Good." He smiled and thrust the cloak in her direction. "This yours?"

She blinked as she studied the robes in his hands, and then back at her own hands. Then it hit her. She was human. Apparently she'd wanted not to be seen as a monster by the boy so badly, that she'd been able to transform herself. She grinned. "Yeah, but I won't be needin' it anymore."

"Great! Can I have it?"

She nodded and the boy begain to bounce around. What a funny little boy! He spoke so fast you could hardly tell what he was saying. "Yay! I can wear it and pretend I'm a normal kid like you!"

A normal kid? Like her? The words touched her because she was finally being accepted as a regular girl. She was so moved, the thought didn't even occur to her to wonder why he wasn't a normal kid. He threw the robes (which had become torn accidentally through the years by her claws) over his tunic and skipped around while Sadi laughed. They hit it right off. The two played chase in the trees and picked the wild flowers that grew along the little stream that ran through them. "You know," the boy said as he placed a crown of flowers on her head. "You are the first real kid I ever got to play with."

Sadirra was amazed by this. "Me too!" she exclaimed.

The two stayed in the forest for hours, making flower wreaths and playing hide and seek. But eventually, the boy, Mathais, had to depart for his caravan. He waved and scampered away in the direction of the carraige, someone yelling that the boy should run off like that. She looked down at her hand again and, giggling, ran all the way back to the tavern.

"Nelle! Tate!" she shouted as she burst through the kitchen doors. "Hey! Hey! Lookit!"

Nelle glanced up from the dish she was washing, not recognizing the girl. "Can I help you, sweetie?"

"It's me! Sadirra!"

The plate slipped from Nelle's hands and shattered on the floor. She dropped to her knees and threw her arms around her. "Oh good heavens! Sadirra! You're human! Tate! Hurry!"

Tate raced into the kitchen as fast as he could, nearly passing out when he saw Sadirra. "This is cause for celebration!!"

As she grew older, Sadirra learned how to control her transformations and adapt to society, and she began to take over duites in The Moonlake Inn (however, she still snuck out to the forest occasionally so she could rest in her preferred weretigress form). She learned the trades of barkeep and waitress as well as anything she could pick up from the travelers for her feline curiosity made her want to know everything. A bard taught her to sing and, upon finding she had a talent for it, she begain entertaining customers with her voice. From the adventurers, knights, and mercenaries, she learned to fight with a sword, finding she had a knack for that as well, and she soon was self-taught in the art of using her deadly claws during her escapes to the woods. From the scholars she learned to read and write. From the merchants and traders she learned to bargain and to use her wit to get out of any situation. From the drunkards, tavern bums, and wayward travelers she learned the power of her charm and sexuality, and in turn they learned the power of her raging temper.

While on one of her trips to the forest, an unknown woman walked up to Sadirra and handed her a sealed letter addressed simply to the blond haired girl in the woods. The messenger said that she had been trying to find someone fitting Sadirra's description for some time and she thought it might be for her. Not knowing exactly what that meant, she tore it open and found that it indeed was meant for her. It read:

My dear friend,
I hope this letter finds you well. It was over five years ago that we met and I find myself recalling thoughts of you. You see, you were the only true friend I can remember having even though I only knew you a few hours. You treated me like a person instead of how everyone else sees me. I got a family friend to try to find you from the description I gave her, and I sincerely hope she can. If this letter does get to you, write back and she will bring it to me. I can't wait to hear from you again.
-the boy in the woods

Sadirra was estatic! Of course she had thought about the boy numerous times, he being the first human other than her foster parents she ever had contact with. She couldn't wait to see him again! She rushed home, wrote a lengthy reply telling the boy everything that had happend to her since that day long ago (minus the fact that she was a weretiger of course) and sent it off with the woman.

During the following three years, they continued to write back and forth with the aid of Olivia, the woman. The boy never revealed his name or what was wrong with him (though she did know that he lived far away for it took forever for Olivia to travel between them), nor did he ask the same of her. Only Olivia knew that information, but neither cared to know. It didn't matter, for they could truly be themselves in those letters, talking of their thoughts and feelings they couldn't share with others. And slowly, they began to fall in love.

In his final letter, the boy said he was running away because he couldn't stand the conditions he was living under, and after all he did promise to visit her again. For weeks she couldn't stop smiling. This was it, Sadi decided. She would tell him everything when she saw him. She would tell him that she was a weretiger and that she loved him. It didn't make a difference to her why exactly he was running away for she was sure he'd tell her when he was ready and she wished that he wouldn't care about her strangeness either and he would love her too and they could live happily ever after. Sadi waited for days in the forest on the spot they had met, but he never came and she never heard from him or Olivia again. Since that day, not a living soul has seen her cry.

Two strange disappearances in her life, Sadirra desperately wanted to know what became of that boy and her parents. Her curiosity (notorious in felines) heightened each day and she grew restless until, at 15, she decided it was time for her to leave and go in search of adventure, her mother, and the boy. Nelle and Tate protested her leaving, but could not sway her stubborn mind. Nelle presented her with the glove her mother had left for her and they parted.

And adventure she recieved. She accidentally found out her mother's glove could shoot fire when the wearer willed it by nearly burning her arm off as she tried to light a fire. That came in handy on many occasions. Perhaps it held more secrets, but she couldn't figure them out. Sadi went hopping from tavern to tavern, holding temporary positions to see if she cold find information of her past, taking up odd jobs with mercenaries and adventuring groups to earn some quick cash, not to mention for a little fun. She made many friends, as well as enimies, then would be off for the next inn. Occasionally she would let her temper get the best of her judgement and quickly found herself running from the town, persued by werehunters. But they could never catch her.

Two years after she left, Sadirra came across an abandoned black kitten in the woods. She took pity on the kitten and shared her food with it. After that, the kitten refused to leave Sadirra's side. Sadi named the kitten Isis, and she followed Sadi around on her many adventures. One day, during a lone battle with an orc, Isis tried, nobly but feebly, to protect Sadirra from the fiend by jumping on it. The cat was accidently scratched by Sadi when she attacked, in were form since she was alone. Sadi felt awful and went to work, immediately healing her small companion (after the orc paid the price of its life) with her last potion of healing. Although Isis healed and was in perfect health other than the four scars on her left side from Sadi's claws, as it would happen, on the next full moon, it was revealed what really happened to the cat as she transformed into a human girl. After getting over the initial shock, both to Sadirra and Isis, they realized that this could be benificial for she became smarter with each transformation, acquiring a bit human intelligence on each occasion. Over time, Sadi and Ice were able to hold conversations in feline tongue as equals rather than as master and pet. They became best friends, rather like sisters in a way, and either would die to protect the other.

During her travelling years, Sadi did manage to learn the wereabouts and predicament of her love. It's safe to say it didn't work out since they aren't together, but hardly anyone she meets even knows he exists. It isn't a story she readily shares.

That same year, Sadi fell in and stayed with one group in particular which she nicknamed 'The Walking Bullseye' for the only thing the members had in common was the fact that they were all hunted for one reason or another: a firey weretiger, an intelligent catwere, a magic weilding werewolf, a stealthy vampire, a blind witch, a boistrous half-elf, an orphaned young dragon, and a fiesty elf as well as trailed by a troublesome immortal who supposedly didn't care about them, but always seemed to show up at the strangest times.

Now at 19, after the disbanding of the 'Bullseye', Sadirra, along with Isis, finds herself fighting along side a new group of people (and strangely enough, is reunited with Ezri and Zunlar, the half-elf and dragon respectively) as she continues on her quest to find her family and leave her mark on the unsuspecting world.

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